• Nirvana Hyperbaric & Wellness
  • Nirvana Hyperbaric & Wellness
  • Nirvana Hyperbaric & Wellness
  • Nirvana Hyperbaric & Wellness
  • Nirvana Hyperbaric & Wellness
  • Nirvana Hyperbaric & Wellness
  • Nirvana Hyperbaric & Wellness
  • Nirvana Hyperbaric & Wellness
  • Nirvana Hyperbaric & Wellness
  • Nirvana Hyperbaric & Wellness
  • Nirvana Hyperbaric & Wellness
  • Nirvana Hyperbaric & Wellness
  • Nirvana Hyperbaric & Wellness
  • Nirvana Hyperbaric & Wellness
  • Nirvana Hyperbaric & Wellness

About Nirvana Hyperbaric & Wellness

Dedicated to healing.  Dedicated to you being your best.   Forwarding the science of hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Nirvana has created the ultimate place to heal and rejuvenate in the gorgeous Santa Ynez Valley in California. Whether you’re coming to boost your oxygenation and help optimize that healthy & youthful you, or to help heal your body from illness, your experience with us will be tranquil, fruitful and perfect.

This is what we believe in:

Oxygen is life.  Nature's life force is something you can never have enough of. Oxygen heals. Oxygen energizes.  Our oxygen therapies are the purest way to help rejuvenate.  Our program at Nirvana has been desinged to "Hyper Oxygenate."  We've developed it specifically to maximize your body's uptake of oxygen, helping you maintain your optimum throughout life.

You being your best.   Maintaining optimum wellness has never been more important. Our view of well-being is not just to "fix something when it is broken" but to proactively fuel you life force.  We want to help you find and keep your optimum throughout life.  Our philosophy is a result of seeing the results our clients have achieved with our unique program.

Perfect experiences.  A place of healing does not have to be cold and clinical. At Nirvana, we believe in comfort, tranquility, and luxury.  Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a medical treatment but Nirvana is about as far from having an institutional feel as you can get.  In the pursuit of perfect wellness, we want your experience to be perfect.

Positive energy. Our approach to your wellbeing perfectly balances the mind, body and spirit.  At Nirvana, we pamper from the inside out.  Oxygenation, along with other progressive, non-invasive therapies help fine tune mind, body and spirit in a way that pharmaceuticals and other western techniques cannot.


Nirvana Hyperbaric & Wellness

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Nirvana Hyperbaric & Wellness
2028 Village Lane, Suite 104,
Solvang, CA 93463
United States
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Menus of Services / Classes

Other Energy Work
A session starts with a five minute seated consultation session and then transitions to the client getting on the massage table and laying quietly for the remainder of the session, approximately 45 minutes long.  

Nirvana's B.E.S.T. practitioner will then work in synch with the patient performing balancing exercises that are non-forced and gentle.  At the completion of the session, homework--neurologic exercises which include four square breathing, the Morter March, and walking backwards, will be assigned to the client for them to do at home that will help them to maintain the benefits of the session long after the session is concluded.

">B.E.S.T. - Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique
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Infrared Sauna
Robes Provided
Slippers Provided
Toiletries Available
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Personal Training
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Deep Tissue
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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
Price INCLUDES a required medical evaluation with our staff physician, to determine if HBOT is right for you. SAVE $100's with this perfect introduction to Nirvana.
">Ultimate Spa Package
The 10 day whole body experience

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Personal Training

New clients require a medical evaluation with our staff physician prior to first training session.

">Oxygen Spin Personal Training
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Customer Reviews for Nirvana Hyperbaric & Wellness (8)

January 8, 2013
I went to Nirvana last week for the first time. From the time I walked in I felt welcome and at ease. I was a bit uncertain about the infra-red sauna, but Joli showed me all about it, and how to regulate the temp if it got too hot (it didn't). She checked with me about half way through to see how I was doing and if I needed more water. The massage with Reese was heavenly! The facilities are impeccably clean and inviting.
December 30, 2012
Nirvana is amazing! Super super clean and tranquil facility, incredible kind and thoughtful staff. We took our son for 40 treatments of hyperbaric oxygen therapy and they were so gracious and accommodating to our whole family. You feel like you've joined their family! We will be back soon!
July 22, 2012
Yes, Yess, Yesss!
I'll have what she's having...I totally concurr with all the other rave reviews. My friend and I just enjoyed a wonderful day at Nirvana and came out feeling like a million bucks! I cannot speak highly enough about the staff, the facility and the choices of services offered. All top of the line. I have been to health spas all over the world and this is one of the better experiences ... ever...and it's so nearby in Solvang. Amazing!
June 21, 2012
I had one of the most amazing spa experiences you could ever hope to have at Nirvana. My 4+ hour session began with 90 minutes in the hyperbaric chamber, breathing pure oxygen. I could actually feel every pore in my body awakening. I followed that with an exercise with oxygen therapy session that was incredibly energizing, then slid into an Infra-red sauna session that was so relaxing I never wanted it to end... followed by the best message I have ever had in my life. I also loved my stay in the Santa Ynez Valley, a true hidden gem of a retreat. Nirvana earns its name. Truly unique and spectacular.
August 23, 2011
First Class
I had the great pleasure of spending a few hours at Nirvana. I had the Hyperbaric chamber treatment, Infrared Sauna, and a Massage. ---The hyperbaric chamber is nice, light and roomy inside with comfortable pillows. (Not claustrophobic at all). You even have an option of watching a movie of choice while you are resting comfortably. ---For the infrared sauna you get your own private sauna room done in beautiful wood. The light inside changes slowly and almost imperceptibly between different colors while soft relaxing music is played from a high quality sound system. The infrared sauna was a special treat and prepared me for the massage. ---I had my massage by Lynn and I highly recommend her. She is the perfect combination between intuitive and thorough. One of the best massages I have ever had. ---Overall the staff is friendly and professional. I can't wait to come back. Thank you, Nirvana!
Ryan A
August 10, 2011
This is the best place to come if you need relaxation. The staff is friendly and eager to help with anything you need. All of my experiences at Nirvana have been wonderful. Come by and you will agree. And all of the services are affordable.
June 5, 2011
Nirvana's "Ultimate Massage"
This package of Hyperbaric Treatment,Infrared Sauna, with Massage is an incredible combination. As a massage therapist I was able to achieve what should take hours of massage time. The body just lets go immediately due to the Hyperbaric treatment. You MUST try this!!! LB
Jessica S
April 22, 2011
Nirvana is the perfect mix of a wellness center and spa. They offer a wide variety of services, including oxygen therapy, massage, acupuncture, nutritional counseling, and more. I was able to experience their 2 hour Express Rejuvenation Package. I worked out with an oxygen mask (which included personal training), spent a half hour in their infrared sauna, and received an incredible hour massage. There is nothing like this place in the surrounding area, let alone Los Angeles.
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