Gain Strength, Balance & Flexibility with Barre

Lengthen your muscles and lean out your body with a Barre class. Lively music will keep you moving during these, typically, 60 minute classes which work out your entire body at either the ballet barre (hence the name!) or on the floor. Mixing cardio with body resistance, strength-training, and lots of repetitions, barre class is perfect for anyone who wants to get a longer, stronger body!

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Types of barre®

Know Before You Go

Barre classes have you mixing your time up from working at the barre (think: beautiful ballerina style) to sweating it out on the floor. You’ll sculpt and strengthen everything from your glutes to your thighs to your triceps during a short but intense session of pushing your body to the limit (accompanied by some great tunes and fabulously fit and energetic instructors).