As Above So Below Reiki Healing

Accepts Multi-Use Cards

Accepts Single-Use Cards

58 Dover Avenue, Mastic, NY 11950 United States 


Whether your reason for seeking Reiki is physical or emotional, it can help on all levels mind, body and spiritual.  You don’t have to be a ‘believer’ for Reiki to work for you!!  This space is about helping you connect with Mind, body and spirit. To feel whole again. This is a nourishing and nurturing environment. A place to be yourself.
So.... What if you could replace all the sad Energy you are experiencing with pure, loving Energy?  Sounds like magic, right?
As a practitioner, my job is to simply act as a conduit for the Universal energy to flow and allow optimal healing to take place. Patients tell me they feel much more grounded, peaceful, calm, relaxed and clear after just one session. 
I find it beautiful to watch people transform after a session or series of sessions, and no longer ignore what’s going on in their bodies or be desensitized to their pain. When I assist clients in getting in touch with what’s going on inside them, they can start healing on their own in between sessions and be in more balance.  
As an Intuitive Empath and Reiki Master, my greatest wish is to inspire and help you to become the balanced, empowered, optimistic, healthy, happy and energetic being that you truly wish to be. 
 That You Truly ARE!