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Every client is a gift to me, and when you work with me you will be treated as such.  My approach to massage is gentle, thoughtful, and based in rigorous knowledge and training.  In my office, there is no “standard massage.” Each session is customized to you — where you are and what you need, today.  I employ multiple techniques based on your goals for the massage.
  Therapeutic Massage My training in contemporary western massage techniques includes a solid base of anatomical knowledge, as well as training in Swedish, myofascial, sports and clinical techniques.  When you come in for your therapeutic massage, expect to have a conversation about what your goal is for the massage, and about how you move your body every day.  Every massage is a partnership, where my work is guided and directed by your needs.   Oncology Massage
Oncology massage is the adaptation of massage techniques to address specific challenges of cancer treatment, and long term changes resulting from past treatment.  From my experience working at an integrative cancer treatment center, as well as advanced training in oncology massage, I have developed an understanding of how standard cancer treatments affect the body.  Your oncology massage appointment will include a conversation about your health history, and about your particular challenges — from cancer, from treatment, or beyond.  Based on our conversation, I will provide a safe, supportive session which will help your body manage the side effects of treatment.   Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) MLD is a gentle massage technique which works with the lymphatic system to move waste out of the body. In an MLD session, the skin is moved in a specific direction and a specific order which has been proven to encourage lymphatic flow.  MLD is often used after cancer treatment to prevent or as part of treatment for lymphedema, but it has  many benefits for everyone. F An MLD  session is deeply relaxing, and many clients report an increased feeling of well-being after a session. I can design a full MLD session for you, or incorporate this modality into your therapeutic massage.