• Bliss® Spa at W Hoboken
  • Bliss® Spa at W Hoboken
  • Bliss® Spa at W Hoboken
  • Bliss® Spa at W Hoboken
  • Bliss® Spa at W Hoboken
  • Bliss® Spa at W Hoboken
  • Bliss® Spa at W Hoboken
  • Bliss® Spa at W Hoboken

About Bliss® Spa at W Hoboken

world-renowned relaxation:
now on your side of the river

Hoboken locals no longer have to brave ferries, trains and tunnels to Manhattan for top-notch tension-tackling. Now they can get a toll-free fix at our first New Jersey location at W Hoboken. Expect 5900 square feet of stress-fighting facilities, featuring a retail beauty boutique, a luxe nail lounge with three manicure and two pedicure stations, ten treatment rooms, and men’s and women’s lounges. Trademark bliss touches—like a cleverly compiled menu of super effective services, rhythm and blues tunes, and legendary brownie buffet—set a fun, upbeat tone to top off the space.

The birthplace of baseball is about to hit a ‘glam’ slam. Welcome to ‘glow’-boken!

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225 River Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030 United States
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Monday: 10am  -  9pm Tuesday: 10am  -  9pm Wednesday: 10am  -  9pm Thursday: 10am  -  9pm Friday: 8am  -  9pm Saturday: 8am  -  9pm Sunday: 8am  -  9pm

Menu of Services

Dry Brushing
Salt Scrub
Sugar Scrub
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Acne/Deep Cleansing
Back Facial
Fruit Acid
Glycolic Acid
Microdermabrasion Facials
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Locker Room
Retail Store
Robes Provided
Slippers Provided
Steam Room
Toiletries Available
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Customer Reviews for Bliss® Spa at W Hoboken (9)

November 12, 2014
Great Facial
Had a facial with Maggie, I was one of the most relaxing facials. I will definitely go back to her. Though I thought it was majorly overpriced.
May 20, 2013
Worst Customer Service Ever! I tried getting my wife a gift cert online, but Bliss has major website issues so I had to call in. By the way their website is still screwed up. I waited on hold forever then finally got a chance to place a $200 order. They said they would email the gift cert that day...nothing for a few days so I went to the physical location in Hoboken. The staff said they couldn't help and needed to call cust srvice, the same phone number I used! Of course they were on hold forever and had to leave a message with an outside message service??? That's how they treat their customers and their own employees! I tell them to cancel everything and leave. A few weeks go by and guess what shows up on my Amex, a $200 charge from Bliss. Now I have called twice, both times on hold forever, both times sent to the answering service again. Is this company for real? How are they in business? Worst customer service ever.
March 4, 2013
wedding woes definitely not bliss
after a few good experiences at Bliss Hoboken, i had the worst nightmare of all time. I was going in for some pre-wedding touch ups before my big day. Waxing, Facials, you name it. The technician decided that she wanted to double up on my oxygen mask without consulting me first. The next few days leading up to my wedding i had large red welts all over my face and neck, i couldnt be in the sun and if it werent for a doctor's visit, shots of steroids and heavy sedation, i would have looked like quasimodo for my wedding. I will never go back to this horrid place, train your people.
May 18, 2012
Poor customer services....charged for services that were NOT performed.
I unfortunately did not have a pleasant experience with Bliss, unpleasant is an understatement (I wish there was a rating with no star). I purchased a massage and facial (over $300 value) as a part of my girlfriend's graduation gift. She missed the appointment so I called to re-schedule the appointment and not ONE representative (rep or supervisor) was willing to work with me (they charged the full amount of the services), I was trying to work with the representative and supervisor and even offered to pay an additional premium, schedule with the same technician (pay them additional gratuity) and re-schedule for a "non-busier" day for the missed appointment (but not the same full service price) but ALL of them kept saying to me "we understand but there's nothing we can do". When I asked for her full name she would only respond with her first name (not a great representation of the company) and HAPPILY gave Ashley's name. It's unfortunate because my girlfriend really enjoyed this spa. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS SPA SIMPLY FOR THEIR "GUEST SERVICES TEAM"
April 13, 2012
And I Can't Wait to be BACK
This was a great atmosphere for relaxation. I am a major spa conissour (sorry can't spell) I love spas and i am very particular and this one meet my expectations!!!!!!!!
March 31, 2011
Great atmosphere
I love the luxury of this location. Very modern and worm. product line is excellent quality. Great deep massage!!!!
December 21, 2010
great name, great location so so experience
Been going to bliss spa in New York and LA when i found this one in Hoboken at the W. I was staying at the hotel so it was convenient.The facial was great, as expected but I got a brazilianfrom a girl who was available and she literally took a couple of layers of skin off my privates. I have been having bikini waxes and brazilians for a while and this is a first. For the price i paid and the tip i gave, i was expecting professional hands. This was definitely disappointing and i have not gone back to a bliss spa since then. I has taken a full 3 months for this area to heal and now, im ready for another brazilian but never from Bliss in Hoboken ever again even if they gave it to me for free. First impressions last.
November 18, 2010
It's all in the details
My massage was good, but afterwards I was taken back to the so-called quiet room and locker/shower area in an incredibly brightly lit elevator. Completely blew away the mellow feeling. There was a family of 3 in the locker room/quiet area shouting to each other and no staff to monitor. Similarly, I took the last water glass in the lounge/quiet area -- it just seems to me these should have been replenished before there was just one left. When I went out to the lobby, though, there were 4 or 5 young staff members hanging around. Why weren't any of them actually working? Even at the checkout desk, there was a decanter for water and not one glass! While checking out, the cashier said your massage therapist "gave you these" and she put three products on the counter. I knew they weren't giving away something for nothing so I asked her to clarify -- "by 'gave' do you mean she used these in my massage". She mumbled something to indicate they were suggested products for my skin. Bliss charges a little more than other places, but this was not a luxury experience. It's a shame because the premises -- the locker/shower room and the quiet area -- are lovely, but luxury is in the details.
September 27, 2010
Great Oxygen Facial
Hands down one of the best facials I have ever had! I was glowing when I left, not blotchy like I usually am after a facial. I will be going back!
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Facilities & Amenities

Facilities & Amenities


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Changing/Locker Rooms

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