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Destiny is a full-service day spa and salon located on the Louisiana Boardwalk in Bossier City, Lousiana. The spa offers an array of bodywork services such as massage therapy, body wraps, facials, manicures, and pedicures. Amenities include a massage suite, whirlpool, sauna, and Vichy shower and complete spa packages are available.


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Destiny Day Spa & Salon

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Destiny Day Spa & Salon
707 Barksdale Boulevard, Louisiana Boardwalk
Bossier City, LA 71111
United States
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Accepts Spafinder Gift Cards
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(318) 752-2639

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Customer Reviews for Destiny Day Spa & Salon (13)

August 27, 2014
Avoid at all Costs!!
Horrible customer service - exceptionally rude owner. Even threatening at times. DO NOT USE THEM!
August 27, 2014
Terrible Experience. Very Unprofessional
I was embarrassed to even go to work the next day!! I had my hair colored and cut. The cut was uneven and the color fried my hair. The girl that cut it didn’t even style it when I left. My hair smelled of bleach for days and was rough like straw. I left the salon with damp un-styled hair. I contacted the salon many times about this issue and they required “proof”. I had my hair redone at another salon at this point so I didn’t have any. Wouldn’t the point that I paid another salon a bunch of money to redo my hair be enough proof? Who wants to waste money to get their hair done again just for fun? The last I heard from the salon I spoke with the founder, Kriti Tift. She was very rude and told me that the people that work in the facility are contractors and not a part of destiny. So does that not make you liable if they do a bad job? I explained to her that I tried to come to her first about his issue before posting a review to try to have it handled. So that I could get a refund or something. I explained this to her and told her that she has left me no other choice but to post on social media. The public should be warned of such an establishment She was aware that I am in the military and told me “it is not in my best interest to lash out on a local business that supports the military”. Is that a threat? Is that meant to scare me away from posting my negative experience with her salon? I would not recommend anyone go to this salon. Their business practices are very low and the owner herself is very rude and unprofessional. Take your chance if you dare. Below is the email I sent Ms. Tift Ms. Tift, Thi email is in regards to your behavior yesterday during our conversation. I am not sure how you thought this issue had been resolved when you never responded to my email asking what the final outcome was. I contacted your salon many times regarding this issue and this has gone on for months. I wanted to make management aware of how terrible of a job was done to my hair as well as try to get a refund for the money I spent in your facility. I had read reviews online that were negative. You responded to them pleading that if you have a negative experience please bring it up with you first. I have given you ample opportunity to correct this issue and you have not done so. Instead you have argued with me, basically told me I am not telling the truth about my hair, and been incredibly rude. At this point I am sure I will not see my $100 again. Any further actions I take is not about the money I wasted, it is to warn people of your facilities business practices towards and unhappy client. Furthermore, you were completely unprofessional yesterday during our phone call. If you were being honest about my call being recorded, I would like a copy of that please. Lastly, the threats you made towards me yesterday were completely absurd. "It is not in your best interest to lash out at a local business that supports the military". That will not go unnoticed. Very Respectfully, SIDE NOTE: I tried to post this review on their website. They review them prior to them posting. So negative reviews can go on their website. If you check, not one on there. Shady
April 30, 2014
Received a gift certificate from my daughter for a facial and spa manicure and pedicure. From the moment I walked in the door the atmosphere was very inviting. from the decor to the actual services everything was on point. I had a 60 minute facial from Katherine and it was amazing. She was very professional and did a great job. I felt very relaxed and fresh afterward. After my facial I received a spa pedicure and spa pedicure from Amber. The pedicure was very relaxing and she did a great job on the manicure too and provided lots of laughs and great conversation. I will definitely be back soon!
September 1, 2012
They happily stole my money.
I purchased a gift $65 gift card for my girlfriend here. She misplaced the envelope with the card inside. I called and asked if they could look up the gift card purchase made from in the store. They said there was nothing they could do and said it was like buying a credit card. Why wouldnt i just give $65 to my girlfirend instead? They basically stole $65 from me and now my girlfriend has no gift. The manager's attitude was that she really couldn't care less. This is the last they will ever see of my business. Go somewhere else!
February 12, 2012
Bad Bad Experience
Left stressed with the worst haircut I've ever had. The staff behaved unprofessionally. Horrible atmosphere. I couldn't wait to leave. The hairstylist kept going from side to side, trying to even out my hairdo. It took three months to be able to get over this bad haircut.
Reply from: Destiny Day Spa & Salon
Hello, I am very confused as this is an identical review that appears on a Trip Advisor review but under a different name. We keep records of all clients and cannot seem to locate either name you are claiming to use. Oddly enough we fired a stylist around the time the first review was posted. I have responded to Your first review with full expectations of resolving your complaint and you continue to write a review that is not truthful and cannot be valid. We do not claim to be perfect however fictitious complaints are not allowed and could be considered harrasment, We treat our clients as guests in our facility and take pride in everything we do. I respond to all comments and concerns in a timely manner in efforts to solve issues. I would appreciate you refraining from writing reviews which are not valid and if they are you still have my offer to contact me via email at info@destinydayspa.com Destiny strives for guest satisfaction and achieve those results when both guest and Team members work In harmony towards that. I am truly sorry you find the need to continue posting this same review monthly ... May you find peace Kristi Tift Owner
September 26, 2011
This was my first visit to a day spa. I went with my cousin and sister for her 50th birthday. We absolutely loved the atmosphere. It's lovely and very relaxing. The spa services are on the second floor and it's truly a world unto itself. The massages were FABULOUS. Everyone is very professional and attentive. The lady that gave my massage was Taiwanna. I will definitely ask for her again!! But my sister and cousin felt the same way about their folks so that speaks well for the whole establishment I think. We have now planned to go back for my cousin's birthday and then for mine. Great place!!!
August 25, 2011
Extremely Happy
Recently visited this spa for a couples massage and to say the least, we were very happy. We were treated like royalty from the time we entered until the end of our visit. The decor was amazing, the atmosphere was so soothing, our massages were the best we have ever had, anywhere. We would highly recommend this Spa to anyone who is interested in a total spa experience. We will deffintely be back. It was like taking a little mini vacation. We left feeling like new people and enjoyed the rest of our evening together on the Boardwalk stress free. It was exactly what we needed.
August 9, 2011
A Massage Therapist's Perspective
I had been wanting to get a massage service at Destiny ever since I knew it was built down at the boardwalk. When I finally did, I was NOT disappointed! I arrived early like they asked me to since I had to fill out paperwork for my first time being there, then I went into the whirlpool, followed by an awesome infra red sauna with a radio in it, next my 50 min awesome Swedish massage!!! Kandie was amazing and really listened to what I needed! After all the relaxation, I then got a haircut by D'Anna and the relaxation continued! She is an awesome stylist and the conversation was a treat! I walked out of Destiny not wanting to go. I have been to many establishments and worked in a few as well. I was a Massage Therapist for 6 years, and I believe that Destiny is by far one of the most professional and relaxing environments I have ever been to. From the smiling staff to the elegant music and serene, earthy decor, Destiny Day Spa is the place to rejuvenate your mind body and soul.
May 19, 2011
Bad Business
I received a gift certificate to Destiny Day Spa and scheduled my appointment for my massage and facial. When I booked, I was informed that I must cancel or reschedule at least 48 hours prior to my appoinment. I was all set for one afternoon and ONE HOUR before my appointment, I received a phone call that they needed to reschedule me. I was irritated and asked for a refund, but they refused stating policy. I find it appalling that a business will not adhere to the same policy that they hold their customers to. I will never do business with them again, nor would I recommend this spa to anyone.
Reply from: Destiny Day Spa & Salon
This client did not have a spa finder g/c but did have one issued from our facility. We had a therapist call in sick and b/c it was following our huge Mother's Day season, we were very booked and I had no other choice but to call the client to discuss her appt. I called that morning as soon as we opened, 10AM to ask if we could move her appt. from 3PM to 4PM & her teacher's assistant stated she was not available and I had to call back after lunch b/c she couldn't take a message. I called her again after lunch as I was asked (but not 1 hour before her appt) and she was very irate, which I do understand to a certain extent. We use spa boom for our online g/c and it states they are non-refundable. I offered a complimentary upgrade to her package for a longer massage or facial or something comparable but she refused. I apologized and ended the converstation stating that if she wanted to take me up on the offer after some time had passed, that I would be more than happy to honor it. If I remember correctly, after about a week or so, she called and apologized for being as mad as she was, that she had visited our spa before, and that she would call to reschedule in the future. This client came in a few weeks ago, and as far as I know, left just as happy as she did after her 1st visit. She did not ask to take advantage of the complimentary upgrade I had offered her but I was very happy to see her come in and use her gift certificate, and hope she continues to visit our facility in the future. I did not know she had posted this review at the time of her visit, not that it would have made a difference whatsoever, but am very disappointed that both sides of the story are never told. We are located in a large outdoor shopping/entertainment center in Bossier City, LA and have lots of out of town walk ins and I try to always book in a way that allows us to have a little flexibility in booking so we may accomodate guests that call to make appts. as well as walk-ins. If I have a therapist call in sick, I almost always have another one I can call in. I explained to this client that the week before, I had a very dear, dual-licensed therapist diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer and that it had been devastating to our very close-knit spa family. Between having her out for 6 months of chemo treatments,not having the chance to find 2 therapists to fill in each department, the weeks after a huge g/c holiday such as Mother's Day being as busy & successful as it is for us, and having a therapist call in sick (which is a very rare occurance at Destiny b/c we are all very dedicated) that asking her to move her appt. to one hour later was my best option at that time. I understand that option was not feasible b/c of the daycare arrangements she had made but I handled that unfortunate situation the very best I could. Thank you for taking the time to read our point of view. If there is something that I'm overlooking in regards to handling a situation like this in a better or more effective way, I would love the advice. Sincerely, Courtenay Netherland - Spa & Salon Manager
May 3, 2011
First class prices, second class treatment
Me and 2 friends had massages scheduled and where running a little late. We got lost trying to find our way there due to construction. When we showed up they brought us upstairs and had us fill out our paper work, we thought everything was ok and we where gonna get our services. We got in the room and got a total of a 10 min massage when we had a 50 min scheduled and it wasn't even a good 10 minutes. One of us didnt even get touched because they had an emergency and had to run outside for a moment to take care of it. When we got downstairs again we where treated horribly, and expected to pay full price even though we where not informed of the service being shortened when we came in. We where treated very disrespectfully and insulted repeatedly. Overall the salon itself was dirty, the staff rude and the prices far to high for the quality of the service. Think twice before booking a service here unless you like to pay first class prices to be treated like a second class citizen.
October 27, 2010
I was recently visiting from the Texas area and decided to use a couple of my giftcards. What a great idea. TT or Tiane (sp) is simply the best at massage. I have had many massages and have not enjoyed any of them compared to her expertise. I will do a longer massage next time. My hair color and style was JUST EXACTLY like I wanted and I was so impressed I will wait til we go back to Shreveport to get it done again. And my facial was great. I think that some of the other spas I have been to might have been better with the teas and wines and relaxing atmosphere-not having to get redressed between treatments only to undress again- but the services themselves were topnotch. I will definitely try it again. Lets hear it for an anti aging facial being added to the menu. Good job and wonderful treatments.
September 8, 2010
Bad but would try again.
First of all although I was not happy with one aspect of my day here, it was overall a very nice place and I would love to give it another chance. I had a message that was wonderful and my eyebrows have never looked so good, however the pedacure was horrible. The lady doing my pedacure got a call on her cell as soon as i sat down and said she had to leave in ten to go help her husbad. I understand that personal matters come up but instead of trying to rush my 70 min. pedacure into ten min. i fell she could have resheduled or given me to someone else. my feet look and feel terible.
June 18, 2009
Wonderful experience
I have visited many Spas in the Ark-LA-Tex and was very impressed with this Day Spa. From the booking process which was very thorough and professional to paying for all the wonderful services I received. I was treated to the hydro area which included the whirlpool and sauna, (they provided the robes, slippers and towels) then was pampered with a Swedish massage session, the Facial was to die for as the technician had a great touch and was so professional. The manicure and pedicure area was so much fun and my nails looked great! Wine and cheese was offered during this finale and I must say they have the customer service down pat! The owner even stopped by to ask how everything was going and then I learned she actually performed massage services there! This whole experience is one in which many should try out! The decor was un like anything this area has to offer..totally worldly and very clean! I cannot wait to go back with my girlfriends this July! The Couples Suite was really what I am hoping my next visit will be..:)
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