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About Green Valley Spa

Green Valley Spa is located in picturesque Southwestern Utah, and their offers focus on fitness activities and holistic practices embedded within approachable environments. Thanks to the stunning red rock landscape surrounding it, hiking is the activity of choice at Green Valley, and the spa's location allows guests to experience some of the best scenic trails in the country.

Open to daytime spa visitors, Green Valley Spa is designed in a Southwestern adobe style motif, painted with soothing desert hues and enlivened by local flora. The 4,000 square-foot spa provides an array of treatments, ranging from massage to soothing herbal soaks to Native American-rooted sound and light therapies.

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1871 West Canyon View Drive, Saint George, UT 84770 United States
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Hours of Operation
Monday: 6am  -  10pm Tuesday: 6am  -  10pm Wednesday: 6am  -  10pm Thursday: 6am  -  10pm Friday: 6am  -  10pm Saturday: 6am  -  10pm Sunday: 6am  -  10pm
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Menus of Services / Classes

All of the spa buildings are designed in a Southwestern adobe style, decorated by soothing regional tones and textures. Spa guests can enjoy a full line of services and amenities, including private water treatments, massages, facials, shiatsu, herbal wraps, reiki, and lomilomi.

One-on-one medical, physical, and spiritual counseling is also available at Green Valley Spa. A talented collection of doctors, healers, and specialists provide everything from breathing and meditation guidance to private Tai Chi training and fitness assessments. The onsite labyrinth journey allows guests to work with a therapist to gain insight on their life’s current route and address unresolved matters.

Native American treatments, including shaman medical card reading and vision journeys, are also popular. From the moment guests enter the Relaxation Center, they are engaged in a total sensory experience. Sensual and spiritual inspiration is drawn from the 'color of the day,' an alternating rainbow of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. For example, for a single day, the spa is decorated in reds - from the bouquets of red roses to the rose-accent lights, to the pre-treatment baths in rose-petal infused Jacuzzis. Even the music played in the spa is related to the heart, reflecting the day’s highlighted hue. Green Valley’s naturally derived, Mojave Desert-inspired products are available for purchase inside the Good Medicine Shop.

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Customer Reviews for Green Valley Spa (15)

November 20, 2011
Great Spa
I enjoyed my stay very much at Green Valley. There were a few service issues but none the less, I would overlook those to return at some point. The scenery while hiking was gorgeous!
May 5, 2011
Great sports spa
Great hiking and tennis program. I was thrill my tennis skill improved so much in one week. The food choice is ample. The atmosphere is very relaxing and elegant.
September 27, 2010
Outstanding hiking, wonderful staff and beautiful spa!
I just got back from my third trip to the Green Valley Spa and it was wonderful again. I have no idea what the July complaint was about because everything was perfect and in excellent condition. The rooms are exceptional and luxurious. There are a large selection of treatments (Thai massage is heavenly), the food is good, the lectures are interesting, there are several classes to choose from (yoga, stretch, etc) but the most spectular thing for me is the hiking. I have done a lot of hiking, but the Green Valley staff makes it special by taking you off the beaten path. The hike leaders are excellent! If you want some adventure, they will take you there. If you don't, then you just join a hike that is more suited to your needs. The groups are small and thus they can tailor the hikes. One of the best things about the spa is the intimate setting. There seems to be a high staff to guest ratio and they really treat you like family. I plan to go back often in the future. I really love it there!
September 15, 2010
A Favorite!!!
I have stayed here 3 times over the last 3 years, doing the weight loss last year. (I lost 18 lbs in 23 days and kept it off!) I have come with a group of girlfriends, and by myself. I believe it is the interaction of the guests that help determine whether the trip is enjoyable. Because you hike, eat, and take classes with others, it is difficult to get away from negative, complaining, and narcissistic guests who can ruin a trip for anyone. It simply amazes me what people can find to complain about! This is a beautiful resort staffed with wonderful, inspiring, thoughtful people who love what the do. You won't meet better people than Marium, Mike, Colton and his staff, Carol, and Francisca. I plan to keep going for years to come!
July 31, 2010
Ripoff in the middle of a development
Don't believe the picture. This "spa resort" is surrounded by housing development and is totally unimpressive. It appeared to be undergoing changes, but the spa staff was vacuous and the management was unhelpful; we had continual lack of hot water, but that problem seemed to be beyond anyone's concern. The only reason to go there is the proximity to great hiking.
February 25, 2010
Best Week of My Life
I had a fantastic experience at The Green Valley Spa. The staff was incredible - very friendly. My room was lovely - roomy, comfortable, and a very cozy bed. The hikes every morning were amazing! The spa services I got were wonderful and relaxing. All of the fitness classes, meditation classes and education classes were fun and informative. The food was top-notch! I couldn't believe how great the food was, and it was all healthy and low-calorie. I can't say enough great things about Green Valley Spa - I will definitely visit again!
December 28, 2009
Gorgeous rooms and grounds
This is a beautiful resort. The grounds are really pretty with lots of landscaping and flowers. The rooms are the big selling point of this resort, huge with fireplaces, private patios and big comfy beds. I have stayed here a few times and done the tennis program, which is excellent. The fitness classes are just ok, the food is good. The drawback to Green Valley for me is price. If you just want to rent a room and not do the hiking, fitness and meals, the price is reasonable. However, if you want an all inclusive experience, it is fairly pricy compared to other resorts in the area.
November 30, 2009
Definately not 5-star treament!
We drove 2 days to arrive at a week-long time share through a Marriott Interval International exchange. We paid top dollar for a week's stay at this spa, only to find out that none of the amenities were available for our use unless we paid a considerable upcharge. Upon checking in, we were only told that the tours by Paragon were an additional cost. We assumed that meals would be at our expense as well as all spa treatments, similar to all other time share resort exchanges. The evening we arrived, we confirmed our status and were told by the front desk that our plan included 3 meals a day, unlimited fitness classes, lectures, spa hikes and of course our room and use of pool and health/fitness club. However, the following morning we had breakfast and were presented a bill for $40 for oatmeal and granola. At that time we questioned our package status again. Our waitress kindly offered to verify our status relative to meals. She reported that our breakfast and meals were not included in our package. When we stopped at the front desk to again clarify what was included in our pricey package, we were told nothing is included, only your room." Even when Interval International spoke with Management on our behalf about the situation the Resort was totally uncompromising. Finally, the Resort conceded to allow us to use the indoor pool and fitness area, but we went to a spa to attend meditation, stretching and other fitness/ wellness classes. After all, this was no concession because when we checked the internet it said use of the pool was included as part of the standard room charge. We were terribly disappointed by the lack of respect from the front desk staff, disappointed with managements unwillingness to compromise and make our stay a positive one. After hours of waiting for Interval International and Green Valley Management to negotiate a reasonable compromise, which they could not come to, we chose to leave the resort. We will report that the rooms were beautiful and comfortable. However, we did not select a spa vacation to retreat all day in our room. Simply do not go to this resort unless you're prepared to pay for each amenity, regardless of whether it is a standard service provided by other resorts in your past travels. REALLY DISAPPOINTED ! Do not expect customer service either. We check in early evening and were not offered bellman service and had to haul our luggage in the dark through the poorly marked resort to try and find our room. P.S. Be prepared to sign a waiver requiring you to pay for any plumbing charges that may result from over usage of toilet paper in the commode! Are you kidding? 5-star...I don't think so.
July 22, 2008
Fair & Hones Opinion
The Good: They upgrade you without even asking. Beds are heavenly. Rooms and common areas are clean and nice. Everyone is very nice. The hiking is AMAZING! The place is very peaceful and relaxing. Their products are fun to try. Healthful atmosphere. Spa tubs in rooms are nice touch. The Bad: Pools are all full of bugs, stinging ones too. Bedposts are too high to watch TV in bed. Some hiking guides are not so courteous though most are wonderful. Fitness room leaves a little to be desired for a 5-star fitness spa & some equip broken. Fitness classes are hit & miss. Food is not always so tasty and few choices, sometimes run out of the good stuff. Limited dining schedule. If you hike, you may well end up with no breakfast. Small window for lunch, and dinner is too early. Despite the shortcomings, the spa is really a fabulous place in an amazing location. We had a wonderful time and would definitely return again, maybe just opt out of the meal plans and ask them in advance to clean the pools!
May 21, 2008
Service that you cannot find anywhere else!
I find it hard to believe the negative reviews I've read about green valley. While I respect that everyone has their own definition of a great vacation, this spa has something that is nearly extinct in today’s world of travel - service, service, service. From the moment we checked-in we were greeted by a concierge and front desk staff that were friendly and cheerful. Check-in process was without hassle and after a short tour of the property given to us by our concierge we found ourselves in our room which was as inviting and comfortable a room as I have stayed in. On entering we were greeted with the aroma of fresh popped popcorn and the sound of light music playing. Fitness program is unmatched! The hikes are incredible, the adventure program they offer is a do not miss, and the sports massage I had after our day on the “Adventure” was just what the doctor ordered. Their general manager called us the morning after we checked-in to introduce himself (nice touch) and he checked up on us throughout our stay when he would see us in the dining room or classes. Cuisine is inventive and tasty and granted is low on fat and sodium but being that we were here to get back to a healthier mindset, I certainly found the food to be more than satisfying. To sum it up, we have visited other spas such as canyon, miraval, lake austin - all fantastic but green valley's private owners (a large family) have created a personal touch in a world of corporate owned properties.
May 10, 2008
I've been coming here for years, but you wouldn't know it from the staff. No one makes a point of remembering (or even trying to) previous guests. The food is appalling. For the first 5 years it didn't change but was relatively tasty and well prepared. In the last several, however, they have changed the menu mulitple times without actually improving anything. Now they have no "weightloss" focus, so nothing is either low-carb or low-fat. The spa seems very sparcely staffed. And there is rarely anyone around when I have a question. I think the original owners must have sold out to someone who doesn't have a clue what they are doing. The rooms are great, but that's all. I come for the sun and to play tennis. Nothing else. If you want red rock hiking, you'll have a great time with that. Just opt for no meals and eat in town or go to the market.
August 9, 2006
spa experience
I have visited GVS many times and my last visit was not the usual. Spa services were average, lacking staff. Food was just ok and the service was terrible. Not enough staff, no AC in the dining room, had to ask to put the fans on. Even the lights were not on. Very dull atmosphere. I don't know what happened but this is not the GV I know.
July 15, 2006
Hikers head over here!
If you are looking for the hiking experience, then you have to come to Green Valley. The hikes are challenging and the scenery is breathtaking. There are no better hiking spas. Green Valley has incredible, once in a lifetime experiences for us city gals. We spent an entire day rockclimbing and repelling. The rooms are beautiful, exercise classes are decent. The food, however, needs a general overhaul. After so much physical exertion, a choice of salad or salad doesn't quite cut it. There are no salad bars, only 2 choices for dinner, one choice at lunch and the food is overspiced to make up for the lack of choices. There was only one dessert choice as well. I expected a spread of delightful diet delectables not a mess hall. The spa services were average but very difficult to schedule due to other guests in the hotel or condos also on the premises.
June 15, 2006
Treated like a queen!
I went to GVS w/a group of friends last fall. The overall vibe of the spa was soothing and relaxing. Every staff member treated us w/the utmost respect and courtesy. It's an experience I'll remember for the rest of my life.
February 24, 2006
Hiking Spa
I have been to this spa several times so I know it fairly well. What is the best part of this spa boils down to two things...the scenic area/hiking and the nice rooms/pool area. Service varies according to the day you catch a staff member on. Spa itself is a little dated but still works. Fitness room very good, large with lots of top line equipment. They have an indoor golf school downstairs...large area but seems wasted space. Never saw golfers there but bet some do come here for golf. Dining is pretty good, all meals served to you at a table and you can have community dining so you can meet other guests. The hiking here is the best in the world so you go here for the hiking and outdoors. I went repelling one day off a cliff along with other guests and one lady was about 70 years old...and did it. That was fun. The facility seems like it was a mixed use one years ago and there is some kind of residentual community attached to it but they do not interfer with the spa guests....just know it seems a little funky. I have been here enough times that now I personally am looking for other places to go in the world so that is why I said I would not return....nothing against the spa.
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Facilities & Amenities

Facilities & Amenities

The 4,000-square-foot spa and fitness center is complete with aerobic, weight training, and Pilates equipment, three studio spaces, and daily exercise classes, as well as a relaxation area and aqua modalities. There are indoor and outdoor pools, four indoor and ten outdoor tennis courts, and at the Red Rock Golf Center, indoor hitting stations and putting greens.

Rock climbing instruction and equipment rental is available throughout the week. Some may choose to focus on their tennis game at the renown Court Think Tennis. For golf enthusiasts, Green Valley has one of the largest indoor golf facilities in the country. The golf pros will work out the kinks in your swing and send you off to one of several nearby championship golf courses.


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Weight Loss/Slimming Programs

Sports pitches/courts


Slippers Provided

Changing/Locker Rooms

Robes Provided

Dry Cleaning

Rooms & Dining

Rooms & Dining

Green Valley’s spacious casita-style rooms and suites range from 600 - 3500 square feet, all boasting feathered king or queen beds with matching pillows and comforters. Additional room amenities and features include private patios, fireplaces, and hot tubs. Almost all rooms are pet-friendly.

Breakfast at Tifiny’s, Green Valley’s property restaurant, serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner with a French twist while also offering tray-to-go options. A “full flavor menu” is served regularly, as is a 1200 Calorie Spa Menu and 500 Calorie Weight Loss Menu. Patrons can sit inside or in the alfresco Secret Garden. Vegetarian and vegan meals are available on advance request.

Food Options

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Portion Control