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Butterflies, shades of blue, and instrumental music highlight the atmosphere of this spa. Treatment rooms include a couple's room for massages and there are locker rooms, steam rooms, and Jacuzzis for men and women. The spa's VIP room is a private treatment room with two beds, a whirlpool Jacuzzi for two, and a personal bathroom and sink. The Rejuvenation Room is similar to a sauna, with a more moderate temperature. Treatments include massage, facials, manicures, pedicures, body wraps, services for expectant mothers, and waxing. The spa provides free space for events such as bridal showers, bachelorette parties, and birthday parties, which may include extras such as food and champagne. Event fees are applied only to a minimum amount of treatments per person depending on the size of the party.

Butterfly Garden Spa

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Butterfly Garden Spa
200 Middle Neck Road, 2nd Floor Suite
Great Neck, NY 11021
United States
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Dry Brushing
Salt Scrub
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Herbal Wrap
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Acne/Deep Cleansing
Back Facial
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Wedding/Event Space
Whirlpool, Jacuzzi
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Customer Reviews for Butterfly Garden Spa (31)

April 1, 2017
Deep tissue massages are top notch!
I saturated coming here after a guy I was seeing highly recommended it . Though I haven't tried the facial yet, I have now become a regular every other week client! They proactively found an area through the deep tissue massage that had started acting up yet and have targeted my area of concern perfectly! Great place and service - highly recommended! I'm not seeing the guy anymore but at least my great take away fro that relationship was a great spa to get a deep tissue massage regularly! ��
December 27, 2015
what a treat
My sister and I had a massage and a facial at the spa. We both thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The staff were very pleasant and the services were excellent. The spa was very Zen like and the sauna was amazing. Oh and the place was very clean, the prices are reasonable. I will definitely go there again and recommend the spa to my friends.
March 11, 2015
Great Value
Reading some of the negative reviews made me a bit cautious, but I found Butterfly Garden Spa to be a spa with great value. I found the staff to be incredibly friendly and the facilities were clean. My girlfriend and I regularly get massages and she agrees this spa's facilities and masseuses are better than most places we have been to in the area especially at this price. There is parking in the rear of the building. Reviewing the negative reviews, I have come to the conclusion the people were being racist.
October 6, 2013
Went there with a gift certificate, staff were rude and unprofessional, and apart from the receptionist spoke little or no english. Place was dirty and empty so I settled on a manicure, staff were busy giving each other pedicures. Grudgingly gave me a manicure, no place to dry my nails so had to leave with wet nails. Wasted the rest of the gift certificate rather than have to go back there again. A spa should be clean, welcoming, with professional staff who know what they are doing.
October 1, 2013
What an amazing spa..
I celebrated my 40th birthday at the spa with a group of my closest friends and we all had an amazing time. The owner and her staff were professional, friendly and provided fantastic services to us. This place is a hidden gem and we are excited to go back. Thank you for making my birthday extra special and we will see you very soon. Ivy from Whitestone, NY
March 18, 2012
Underrated Spa
I read the reviews before going and found myself pleasantly surprised. First and foremost, I don't go to lower end spas, which affects the cost of services, gratuity and available facilities. I went and thoroughly enjoyed a massage (by Sophia who is amazing) and a facial. The facilities the spa offers are comparable to others, so I have no gripes about that. I thought the prices were on point and in fact cheaper than other places. *In response to a aforementioned review about tipping; they actually have a sign on the desk about their gratuity policy. Upon questioning the receptionist, she said a number of people have left the therapists insulting tips of $1 and $5. Management does not want to raise the prices, so it asks patrons to tip the therapists a standard rate, which I find to be fair. ** It looks like if you don't read their signs about their policies you may feel misled. All else aside, I had a wonderful time. I plan to go back for a body treatment next time.
February 1, 2012
About the tips
I think the bad reviews aboit the tips are made by the black people and jewish people because im a tow truck driver and these people dont like to tip.
December 19, 2011
Tipping Policy
Although I accept that 15% is the norm for tipping this spa has nerver. When paying for my $50 treatment I was told that I could not tip the $10 that I had intended to tip... they have "a minimum of $15 tip". Nowhere in the spa is it mentioned that $15 gratuity is manditory. I think that was poor form. In addition the extra services that I had paid for $35 which was use of the jaccuzi and steam room were just ok. Not the cleanest I have seen... there were puddles of cold water all over the floor and the jaccuzi was so hot that I had to run cold water in it before I could sit down. I did enjoy the rejuvination room though. That is an asset. Buyer beware greedy tip demanders at Butterfly Garden Spa!
November 28, 2011
Great Experience at Reasonable Price
You get a very relaxing and wonderful experience for your money at this Spa. I travel quiet a distance to go there and would recommend the trip. Don't be thrown off by reviews mentioning recommended tips. These are the standard amounts you would normally give and the staff deserve that and then some for the extra work they put in toward making your experience special.
August 22, 2011
7th or 8th Visit And Have Yet To Complain!
I have been to The Butterfly Garden Spa numerous times by myself, with friends, family, and boyfriend. I have yet to have a bad experience. This spa is such a wonderful place, and trust me, I've been to plenty to know what is a good and bad experience at a spa. Just recently my boyfriend surprised me with a facial, massage, body scrub, and mani pedi at Butterfly Garden as a wonderful gift. I spent the entire day there and it was just such a relaxing experience that I really needed. The staff was so helpful and very patient and was literally there for me whenever I needed them. All of my treatments were so very relaxing and I was not or did not felt rushed at all- even though the spa was super busy that day! The hospitality is outstanding and the services are great! Everyone should try the Body Scrub! You will be so refreshed! As mentioned by other readers, I have NEVER had an issue with tip- I always give 20% because it is well deserved by all of the staff. A massage or body scrub isn't a small treatment like a mani pedi so I think the employees deserve more than 10 or 15 bucks to be honest. I love this place and I recommend it to everyone!
July 10, 2011
Stay away
I wanted to have a bonding day with my sister in law and reserved massgae, facial and pedicure. First, they gave me the facial first, then I went to get a massage (if that is what you want to call it), so after the facial I put my face down on the massage table so all the cream was smashed on the paper. The lady the gave me what she called a massage left the door open, never asked me what my sore spots or what I wanted, she then proceeded to do this massage and instead it turned out to be a bad chiropractic experience, she also hurt my shoulder. She did not know what she was doing. My sister in laws experience was the same awful experience. I then went for what I thought would be a doubles pedicure (Me and My sister in law), the young lady that started my pedicure was rushing (sister in law not yet arrived), my relaxing pedicure lasted 15 mins. Then she did my sister in law (same 15 mins). It seems they only have one person to do each appointment. It was a very bad experience for both. We will never go back or recommend. Dont waste your money.
June 16, 2011
Terrible experience
I would not recommend this spa to anyone! My massage therapist didnt speak or understand english i asked for just a back massage and she did my entire body even after i tried communicating with her several times. It was the worst experience and i get massages regulary!
March 2, 2011
I booked this spa for a couples massage on Valentines day weekend. The place was extremely clean, the staff was so nice and accommodating. We were brought into separate changing rooms where we were given a locker with key, robes, and sandals. Thy told us we could use the steam rooms or sauna before the massage. We decided to go directly into the massage. The two women who massages us were extremely nice and gave a great massage. The even pulled our beds next to each other and placed us hand in hand. I thought that was a nice touch. After the massage, they led us into a sauna to lay down and relax. From there, they took us into a private 2 person hot tub. When we were done in the hot tub, we went back into the changing rooms to shower and change. While sitting in the hot tub, i told my girlfriend "I wonder how much extra their going to tack onto the bill for the steam room/sauna/hot tub time". We both agreed that its probably their way to inflate the bill. Either way, as long as it wasn't over $100 we would leave more than satisfied. When i went to settle up, there were no additional charges. I LOVE THIS PLACE. IT WAS THE MOST RELAXING DAY OF MY LIFE. I WILL BE BACK.
April 17, 2010
Best kept secret!!
Like your favorite "little black dress", Butterfly Garden is one of NY's best kept "little" secrets!! This quaint spa is very relaxing and intimate. The staff here is wonderful!! Sue is awesome!! I've tried other spas but, I ALWAYS WIND UP BACK AT BUTTERFLY!! I reccommend the Bodyscrub/massage...it is OUT OF THIS WORLD!! I always come to the spa with the intent on trying something new, but ALWAYS stick to my favorite (why mess with perfection!!) If it's not broke, don't fix it!! THIS IS THE PLACE THAT WILL KEEP YOU COMING BACK FOR MORE!! BRAVO BUTTERFLY GARDEN!! BRAVO!!
March 5, 2010
A unbelieable experience!!!
I just left Butter fly Gardends, and I want to thank Sue and her staff for the wonderful experience once again, I want everyone to know that I am a frequent spa queen, I have tried many spa's in my life, but this spa is my favorite, it's clean, cozy but most of all I feel at home.... My Sunday's are for myself and i Itreat myself, I feel I deserve the best, and this spa is an experience everyone needs to try...Today I played hooky at work, and I had to get relaxed so I can have a relaxful weekend, these girls are the best!!! Sincerly Yours, Stella Golia Bayside,N.Y.
March 5, 2010
Awesome Experience
Wow - this was an awesome experience. The place is beautiful. People are so wonderful. This place is immaculate. Can't wait to go again. I highly recommend you try this place. You will not be sorry.
February 15, 2010
Take Your Money Elsewhere!
Okay, first of all, they tell you you have to tip at least $15! If you're spending only $50, that's much more than 20%. The place was not sanitary....dirty, used cups laying all over in the waiting area. I used the bathroom...there were no towels to dry hands. A woman came in (she was told to change into a robe), and there were no clean robes left in the room to change into. (There was a mountain of dirty ones though piled up in the corner about four feet high). I was left in the waiting area after my appointment time. I asked the receptionist if someone would be coming and was given a curt "yes". I went for a one hour massage, which ended after 40 minutes.....funny thing, I thought an hour consisted of 60 minutes. My advice would be if you are spending your hard earned money for relaxation, take it where you are treated better and with more respect.
January 21, 2010
Great Shiatsu is the best part but
Good point is I enjoy that they walk on your back. It is hard to find a place that has the bars. Bad is that the therapists do not speak English. Another bad note is they tell you have to tip $20 but what really is wrong is if you were given a gift card, they will not Honor there monthly specials if you use the gift card. so it does not pay to get a Gift card as a gift cause you are being penalized.
January 6, 2010
Nice spa, but they tell you the tip!
I was shocked after experiencing a nice massage, that they told me how much I HAD to tip, When asking for change of a $20 bill, they said no change. The tip is $20 minimum. I've never heard of being told what to tip. This is a big turnoff! I don't think they will last in this community.
December 22, 2009
Nice Atmosphere
Visited this spa last weekend and received the asian body scrub and massage. The body scrub is great, even for sensitive skin like mine. No perfumes,dyes, or irritants. The massage was not what I expected at all. It was not relaxing, it was more invorating, like asian bodywork. I was upset that it wasn't done in a massage room. It was done in the same room as the bodyscrub, on the same wet table, and not drying me or the table off first. Next time, I would request massage be done in a separate room. The steam room, jacuzzi, and salt room were nice. They also served tea and fruit in the atrium. It was very relaxing and tranquil, no pressure, and no rush. Mya was my therapist and she was very nice. Overall, it is a good place with friendly, attentive people. Definitely leave time to enjoy all the amenities.
December 8, 2009
Beautiful Spa!!
Butterfly Garden spa was incredible!! My sister and i went for the first time and loved it. The staff was so helpful and friendly and the spa was clean and very unique. We recieved a body scrub and 30 Min massage and it was amazing! They scrub your entire body and you recieve the massage after. My sister and i loved everything and they have monthly specials so it is affordable!
November 14, 2009
Weird massage, obnoxious receptionist
The spa was promoting a 50 minute massage for $49.99, so I decided to give it a try as a birthday gift to myself. The technique of the therapist was good, but it was not exactly the most graceful massage I've ever gotten. She was rough in the way she handled me. Also, after I asked the receptionist to put a 15% tip on my credit card, she told me that they "usually recommend" twice that amount. I didn't appreciate the attitude after offerring a perfectly respectable tip.
May 20, 2009
Best Spa for New York
I am a spa junkie and I have to say, butterfly garden spa is one of my favorites. I make this a part of my vacation for every trip I take to New York. The staff is so friendly and the spa is beautiful, meditative and relaxing. The "must have" treatment is the Asian Body Scrub. I have never experienced anything like this from any other spa. The salt temple is amaxing for allowing all the treatments to integrate and you are never rushed. They even kept the spa open late for me and my sister once. It is truly and amazing value and luxury setting. Must Try! Highly Recommended.
May 19, 2009
Hours fly too fast
I received a gift certificate for Christmas, and finally found time to use it last week. I chose a facial/body massage package -- the packages change monthly, and the savings over individual treatments can be quite considerable. The technicians were terrific: quiet,calm, soothing, and very well versed in their areas of expertise. The spa itself is extremely clean without having an antiseptic feel, and very lovely, though I could not help but wonder if there were fewer orchids, might prices be lower? I ended up spending almost 5 hours, soaking in a hot Jacuzzi, marinating in the steam room (lots of conditioner on my hair and oil on my skin) and just relaxing. Yes, I will return, but I will bring my own body wash, shampoo, conditioner, and moisturizers --they supply it, but I have my own brand preferences -- and my own shower shoes.
May 11, 2009
Terrific space and place
I continue to return here although I now live in NYC.. The space is meticulous-rose petals on the floor, etc. No detail is overlooked. The sauna is large and peaceful; you can stay as long as you want. I only go for facials and the facials are always wonderful. Blackheads are taken care of, etc. A wonderful value-you can easily spend many hours here if you choose to. Afterwards you can take a shower,blow dryers are available, sip a cup of tea and leave whenver you are ready. Highly recommended!!!
November 16, 2008
Just Ok
Ok so out of the services provided - I tried the 1 hour massage, 1 hour facial, manicure/pedicure and eyebrow wax ($215 - not incl. tips). The only service worth the price was the full body massage. It was excellent (if you go for massage only - ask for Peter). The facial and manicure/pedicure were very disappointing. $50 for the mani/pedi is a complete rip-off! I go to a local nail salon around my house and they do an amazing job for $18. The eyeborw wax was $15 too much and I got home to pluck my eyebrows. The facial was not what I expected (I've never really gotten a facial before - but aren't they supposed to squeeze out the blackheads, etc.?) The facilities were clean, beautiful and large. The steam room was nice and so was the jacuzzi bath. If you are going for a package stick to the full body massage and the body scrub which I plan to get next time whether it is there or somewhere else.
February 22, 2008
great facial
I had a facial here and it was lovely. The facility is spotless, the staff friendly and no one pushed me to purchase any products. It was all low key and wonderful.
January 13, 2008
Wonderful Experience
Beautiful, relaxing atmosphere and, professional, friendly staff. Everything is so clean. We booked a couples massage, body scrub and body wrap in the couples VIP room. After visiting the steam rooms, we were brought to the VIP room and soaked in the hot tub before our treatments. There were flower petals and candles everywhere, as well as orange and grapefruit slices for us to enjoy while we relaxed in the hot tub. Very romantic. Our treatments were wonderful and the place is beautiful. Leave extra time before and after your treatments for the steam and rejuvenation rooms.
December 8, 2007
A serene experience
I have been to quite a few spas in the world but the personal care and attention give at this spa was amazing. We were in a group of around 10 and all of us were pampered like VIP's. Would definately recommend anyone to visit ...u will definately be in for a treat.
December 4, 2007
WoW....Fabulous Spa....a Secret Haven
The Butterfly Garden Spa was an oasis in New York. An amazing secret. We had booked the Spa for a bridal party and the experience was wonderful. They catered to us so well and waited on us hand and foot. It felt as if we were the only patrons in the Spa. The staff was wonderful and so friendly. The made the experience so special for all of us; the bride and her sisters. Recommendation: The Butterfly Garden Spa Body Scrub - followed by a Honey Wrap. It was divine. Too perfect.
October 24, 2007
Unique and relaxing!!
This spa was unlike any other I'd ever been to. I've traveled to spas all over the country, and there isn't any with that room they have with the salt stones! I got the Asian body scrub which was amazing! They don't use any coarse salts or sugars, and my sensitive skin wasn't bothered at all, but you literally see the skin coming off! I'm definitely going back, especially now that winter is coming.
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