• Elements Massage - Central Scottsdale
  • Elements Massage - Central Scottsdale
  • Elements Massage - Central Scottsdale
  • Elements Massage - Central Scottsdale
  • Elements Massage - Central Scottsdale
  • Elements Massage - Central Scottsdale
  • Elements Massage - Central Scottsdale
  • Elements Massage - Central Scottsdale
  • Elements Massage - Central Scottsdale
  • Elements Massage - Central Scottsdale
  • Elements Massage - Central Scottsdale

About Elements Massage - Central Scottsdale

Elements on Shea is a Scottsdale, Arizona, spa that prides itself on its qualified massage therapists who customize treatments to meet each client's individual needs. Elements strives to provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere in its six treatment rooms with soft music in each room providing a soothing ambiance. A variety of massage modalities are available including Swedish, deep-tissue, trigger point, sports, prenatal, and hot stone. Clients may join the spa's membership program or refer friends to receive discounts on treatments. The spa also invites clients to stop by anytime for a complimentary five-minute chair massage.

Elements Massage - Central Scottsdale

Address & Info
Elements Massage - Central Scottsdale
9343 E. Shea Blvd, Suite 120,
Scottsdale, AZ 85260
United States
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Mon: 9am  -  9pm Tues: 9am  -  9pm Wed: 9am  -  9pm Thu: 9am  -  9pm Fri: 9am  -  9pm Sat: 9am  -  9pm Sun: 9am  -  8pm
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Accepts Spafinder Gift Cards
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Deals & Specials

  • New Client Special - 1 Hour Massage Session - $69
    One hour therapeutic massage where you choose from relaxation to deep tissue, or anywhere in between.
    Valid Jun 14 - Jan 31

Menu of Services

Back Massage
Cranio Sacral Massage
Deep Tissue
Hot Stone
Lymph Drainage
Myofascial Release
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Customer Reviews for Elements Massage - Central Scottsdale (10)

August 30, 2014
Wonderful Place and Therapist
t's terrific - and an excellent value. I've had massage therapy in numerous venues and I can honestly say, I'll look no further.The front desk staff is helpful and efficient. The rooms are clean, comfortable and quiet. But the real draw is my excellent massage therapist - Jesse. He has the perfect combination of therapeutic skills and professionalism. And he lets me zone out and truly relax. I recommend this place without reservation.
December 18, 2013
Excellent massage!
I don't normally review anything, unless it's bad, but I'm making an exception here. I just wanted a massage because I was hurting from my daily running routine. Wow! I'm very impressed with this place. A woman named Cara (or Kara?) made my appointment. She asked me things that other places don't ask, like what kind of massage I want, and if I want a male or female therapist. I had Celeste, and she was amazing. She made sure the pressure was what I wanted, not what she wanted to give. She also seems to have experience with sports and injury massage, which was a big plus for me. She knew just where to work, and even showed me how I could improve on some stretches. I limped in, and walked out a new woman. I'm buying myself a membership with this place because I want to feel this good all the time. I'm so glad I took a chance with this studio. I would send anyone there!
December 31, 2010
Best Massage Experience Ever!
I recommend Elements at Shea without reservation. I found the staff to be both knowledgeable and pleasant and have highly recommended them to family and friends. Moreover, the Elements massage services were more affordable and efficacious than similar spas on the Vegas strip (Venetian, Wynn, etc.). I expect to purchase a family plan upon my return.
June 3, 2010
After having read the reviews on Google I decided Elements would be the one to try. Even though it was my second massage ever it was good enough to be extended right there and then. Nita is the one who gave the massage to me. She's professional, helpful and kind. She gave me a deep massage that went very well. I left very satisfied and still am. They are friendly there and take care of you. It was a great experience.
April 28, 2010
I would like to respond to the lady above. Elements is great and the Massage Therapist there are always concerned about their clients. My question is Did you let the therapist know the pressure was to much? Did you communicate well to the therapist the type of massage you wanted? Another observation is that I have recieved massage there frequently and it seems by your response is that you are looking for a Spa/Resort. No one has control over how people may respond to massages when they come out the room. it is very rude to tell someone to be quiet when they are being very receptive and thankful for the massage they recieved. Another question I have is would you have liked to relax during the massage or have a therapist ask you on a consistant basis how is the pressure? Seems to me that you came in the studio with very a closed mind and negative. Elemets is there to help client with conditions, range of motion and other things. I hope this has given you knowledge on other massage you may recieve and I hope you do find one that is up to your expectations. You have a great day!
January 12, 2010
There are not many positive things that I can say about this "spa". I have frequented a number of pricey spas in the Scottsdale area and elsewhere, and was hoping to find an affordable place, close to home, to simply get a decent massage. Unfortunately, the search continues. First, if you are looking for a true spa experience (i.e, fluffy robe, sauna, luxurious waiting area), Elements on Shea is not the appropriate place. The facility is nicely decorated, but small. My only serious complaint about the facility is that through most of my massage, I could clearly hear the conversations that were going on outside of my room, and based on the amount of noise around me, I could ascertain when the 50 minute massages were being completed (I was getting an 80 minute massage). This was not the most conducive environment for relaxing that I have experienced. As to the quality of the massage itself, my therapist seemed to be trying to do her best, and did work out a lot of the muscle tension in my back. However, her skill level was average at best. At a few points, the massage was borderline painful, and was actually painful at one point. With all of that said, when I left the facility, my rating probably would have been 2 stars, mostly because the price was not very high, so I felt like I simply got what I paid for. However, after the massage, my tricep area became very painful, and my arm developed a very deep bruise that was about 6 inches long and 2 inches wide over my tricep area. Also, the top of the bruised area has an oval shaped area where the skin was broken. There had been no trauma to my arm between the massage and when I noticed the bruising, and given the location/shape of the bruise and broken skin, my only conclusion is that the bruising was caused by the massage. About a week after the massage, I decided that the bruising was severe enough that I should contact the manager to discuss the issue. The manager did return my initial call within a 24 hour period, and after I described my problem, he said that he would follow up with me after reviewing the notes in my file. This conversation took place several days ago, and there has been no follow up. After almost two weeks, there is still some dark purple bruising in my tricep area in addition to the healing of the broken skin in oval shaped area. Since the positive reviews on SpaFinder were part of what influenced me to choose this location, I felt compelled to share my experience.
October 4, 2009
Incredible Experience!
Wow! I used to go to many massage parlors in Scottsdale trying to find the perfect place with all of the traits I was looking for. I could never find it until I walked into Elements on Shea. Relieving atmosphere, friendly staff, and a level 10 massage! What could be better?
September 28, 2009
Great Experience
This place is awesome. Not only is it a great value but Lisa is an awesome therapist! She really gave me a lot of relief and focused on my needs. I felt like I was in a high end spa without paying the high end price. Everyone was awesome and I am now a member which is a great deal. You must check it out.
April 21, 2009
A Wonderful Experience!
What a friendly, helpful staff. When I walked into Elements I was taken away by the calming vibe. I had never received a massage before and the front desk staff explained what to expect and help pick out the right type of massage for me. I was also matched with the perfect therapist for my specific needs. The massage was excellent! I was hooked within the first minute. I’m now a regular at Elements!
July 20, 2008
Award Winning!
I received a Spafinder gift card from one of my friends because they know I LOVE massage. I came across Elements on Shea because they were near my home. I saw they won the Best Massage Studio Award so I thought I would give them a try. It was AWESOME. Not only was the receptionist knowledgeable, my therapist was INCREDIBLE. I am now a member and visit at least twice a month.
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