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Healthy and vibrant skin is critical to your health, that’s our philosophy atAdvanced Aesthetics of Northern Colorado Medical Spa.
The skin is the largest organ of the entire body, serving as both a protective barrier and a detox organism. What is often written off as “aging” is, in fact, symptomatic of the toxic environment we’re exposed to every day. While aesthetic treatments are often written off as vain and conformity to a beauty ideal, the truth is that your skin is a visible reflection of your overall health.
Your skin is subjected to harsh conditions over your lifetime. The dry air of Colorado drains your skin of critical moisture. Colorado’s mile high sun pounds the skin causing damage to the cells. Pollution in the environment from industry and automobiles seep into your epidermis. Products that make claims to repair your skin are often full of toxins that damage your skin. Throw in various hormone treatments and imbalances from birth control to hormone replacement therapy on top of natural hormone changes such as pregnancy, birth and menopause and your skin can get exhausted, overwhelmed and depleted.
Our treatments, from hydrating and detoxing facials to healing light Cutera Xeo laser procedures, are designed to enhance an overall wellness, as well as eradicate the visual side effects of today’s lifestyle and environmental conditions.

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