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The 10 Best Unusual Aromatherapy Essential Oils You Should Know

4/28/2018 12:00:00 AM

We asked leading aromatherapist Michelle Roques-O’Neil of Therapie for her top 10 unusual aromatherapy essential oils. Here are Michelle’s picks, which include a mix of traditional and lesser known oils.


Top 10 unusual aromatherapy essential oils

1. Naiouli – A stimulating oil - Great for fatigue and muscular tension, this oil has excellent antiseptic qualities. Naiouli is great for clearing your head and getting some focus. A good oil to choose for fighting infections and colds.

2. Geranium – An uplifting oil – Geranium helps things to flow and balances the emotions. It also stimulates the lymphatic system and is a great oil to use for PMS.

3. Sweet Basil – A refreshing oil - When you need focus and feel like your thoughts are scattered, reach for this essential oil. A great remedy for stress and headaches.

4. Frankincense – A calming oil - Imbued with amazingly protective properties, Frankincense is perfect when you feel exposed and need some warmness and comfort. It is also good for releasing sadness, which can often manifest as congestion in the lungs.

5. Rose – A harmonizing oil - Cleansing for the liver and cooling for the body, Rose is great for your heart and digestive system. It is fantastic for use on the skin and has moisturising properties.

6. Jasmine Sambac – A rejuvenating oil - Less sweet than Jasmine Absolute, Jasmine Sambac has a heady, sensual and uplifting scent. It relaxes the body and stimulates the senses (plus, it’s a renowned aphrodisiac!).

7. Ylang Ylang – A balancing oil - Meaning ‘flower of flowers’, Ylang Ylang is a fantastic uplifting tonic for mind and body, a real feel-good oil with a deliciously exotic fragrance. A great choice for use on the hair.

8. Grapefruit – A reviving oil - Grapefruit is good for fluid retention and is a natural antidepressant.

9. Wild sweet orange – An energising oil - Good for digestion and alleviating stress, Wild Sweet Orange also boosts the immune system and has an exquisitely cheerful scent.

10. Myrrh – A relaxing & healing oil - Myrrh is good for releasing buried emotional issues and healing the fabric of the body and skin. It detoxifies mind and body and has an earthy, calming fragrance.

By Michelle Roques O’Neil. Michelle is the founder of Therapie by Roques O’Neil, an exceptional collection of aromatherapeutic potions for the body, hair and senses.  


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