Make My Sleep a Priority

I will build boundaries around my sleep by sticking to a set bedtime, and by not eating or working in bed.

I Pledge to Make My Sleep a Priority

Sleep Deprivation Nation

Our 24/7 world, with the ever-longer work hours and constant "plugged in" overstimulation, means people are getting less sleep than ever: the average adult sleeps less than seven hours a night, while research shows at least seven-eight are needed.

Chronic sleep loss/disorders affect as many as 70 million Americans, and 30 million of us are now turning to sleep prescription aids. More than one-third of adults report daytime sleepiness so intense that it interferes with work, driving, etc., at least a few days each month.

ZZZs = Good Health

The cost of not getting enough shut-eye isn't just eternal grouchiness and loss of productivity — study after study shows it increases the risk of serious chronic diseases and can shorten our lifespans.

The medical research concurs that poor sleep is linked to: heart disease, obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, increased inflammation, colds and even cancer, etc. And researchers are discovering how sleep is vital for learning and memory.

Lack of Sleep = Weight Gain

Numerous studies link too little sleep with weight gain and obesity. That's because our bodies secrete hormones while we sleep that help to control appetite, energy metabolism and glucose processing.

A Big Culprit = Sleep Hygiene

  • Experts agree you must establish a time of day when you sleep and wake and stick to it.
  • Rooms should be dark, safe, relaxing and cool (many say 60 degrees is ideal).
  • "Respect" your sleeping space: keep work, electronics, TVs, cell phones, iPads — and strife/arguments — out of your bedroom.