Make meditation part of your day

Eastern cultures have been practicing meditation for thousands of years, but it is only recently that meditation has become popular in the West – and science is backing up the many benefits of this nourishing practice. Meditation can: increase immunity, promote emotional balance, lower blood pressure & stress hormones, boost fertility, and significantly calm the mind.

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Types of meditation

Know Before You Go

1. Find a quiet place with no phones, TV, or other distractions. 2. Do a few gentle yoga postures to get energy flowing and your breath moving. 3. Soothing meditation music or burning your favourite candles/essential oils can help you unwind and create a positive mindset. 4. Make sure you have comfortable sitting arrangements with a floor pillow, or sit on a folded blanket. If you are outside in warm climates, choose a shaded area out of the sun. 5. Begin with deep breaths. Allow your mind to focus only on the breath. Focusing on the breath will begin to still the mind. 6. Have a meditation guide to help you on your journey. Guided meditation is always best in person but recorded voices can also be used. Let your thoughts come and go, but don’t hold on to them – think of them as floating leaves down a river. Watch them come into your mind, and then float out of your mind.