A Different Form of Mind-Body Exercise

Qigong is also known as chi gung, chi gong or chi kung—but whichever way you say it (or spell it), the overarching concept of this ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine practice remains the same: to bolster energy flow and strengthen the body and mind. The set of Chinese self-healing exercises—stemming from qi (energy) and gong (the achievement that comes from practice)—combines easy, slow movement, rhythmic breathing, and visualization to obtain total wellbeing and self-awareness. Qigong utilises slow, graceful movements to achieve a sense of tranquillity and contentment in body and mind.

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Types of qigong

Know Before You Go

If you are craving a more gentle form of fitness, Qigong may be perfect for you. Benefits include: a clear mind, deeper sleep, increased energy, improved circulation and overall feelings of balance and wellbeing. It is also great to try if you are detoxing, as many visualisations and movements promote the idea of cleansing the body of negative energies and emotions.