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Shedding those extra few inches can be tough – but Spafinder Wellness 365 can help you find the weight loss inspiration you need. Find a weight loss programme perfect for you at a local health centre or try a popular cleanse at a weight loss spa in Europe, Asia or North America. Whether you want personal training, nutritional counselling or a weight loss holiday, you can find the help you need to discover long-term solutions, how to eat healthier and exercise more effectively. When you lose, you win – with Spafinder Wellness 365!

Types of weight loss

Know Before You Go

Since the mind and body are powerfully linked, improvement in the health of our body creates a profound positive shift in our emotions. Healthy weight loss, as opposed to that done with radical fad diets, increases feelings of empowerment, self-confidence, and general happiness. Improvements in those healthy emotions translate into reconnecting with others, and, as a result, increasing feelings of support, love and belonging. -Lisette Volz, MSW, LMSW, and director of behavioural health at Hilton Head Health