Aromatherapy Near Me: Enjoy Aromatherapy Treatments at a Spa or Salon

Aromatherapy is used to promote wellbeing and stimulate the senses in a wide range of spa treatments, typically during massage and facials. Fragrant essential extracts sourced from plants, flowers, and herbs are applied for their therapeutic benefits; studies show aromatherapy not only improves your mood, but may reduce stress levels and treat insomnia. So whether you want to rejuvenate or simply smell delicious, we say aromatherapy just makes sense! It is deeply relaxing and indulgent.

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Types of aromatherapy

Know Before You Go

Different natural oils are used for different therapeutic benefits: for example, lavendar promotes calm, bergamot is grounding, and citruses are uplifting. Speak with your therapist about what you’d like to accomplish during your treatment: do you want to release some stress, recover from heartbreak or have more energy? Your therapist will blend 3 or 4 essential oils in a carrier oil to use during the massage. Try to keep the oils on your body for as long as possible after the massage, as their healing properties will seep into your bloodstream and work their magic.