What is Thai Massage?

During Thai massage the therapist puts you through a series of stretches that cover the entire body. You usually lie on a floor mat and wear loose-fitting clothing. The therapist might kneel on the back of your legs and pull your arms to arch your back and open your chest, or place her shoulder under your heel to lift your leg and stretch your hamstring. Thai massage also includes deep-pressure point work to stimulate the sen, or the body’s energy pathways. You’ll feel completely realigned after a Thai Massage, like you would after an intense yoga class. You might even feel a few inches taller!

Know Before You Go

Thai massage at first can feel intense, especially if you are not used to having massage treatments. You should expect a lot of interaction between you and your therapist. You'll be move around and the massage therapist will uses her body to leverage you into the elongating stretches and deepen these stretches by sitting on your feet and legs, or pushing or pulling you into twists.