Treat Your Soles

Reflexology is a holistic therapy perfect for all ages (even babies can benefit!), and can be used to treat digestive disorders, sleep problems, stress, low energy levels, fertility issues, back pain, migraines and more. Did you know that there are points on your feet that correspond to every part of your body? A reflexologist will massage your feet, balancing your mind, body and spirit. This is a deeply relaxing and powerful therapy.

Types of reflexology

Know Before You Go

Worried that you're too ticklish to try reflexology? Don't worry - your therapist will apply firm pressure to your feet, so you shouldn't be uncomfortable. In fact, you will likely find reflexology to be deeply relaxing and soothing. Your therapist will start the session with a consultation, so be clear about what you wish to achieve. The massage will then begin, either with oils, lotion or no product. Drink plenty of water afterwards and avoid alcohol, as reflexology can be highly detoxifying.