Wax On, Hair Off!

Waxing is a longer-lasting alternative to shaving for those looking for a hair removal option. The process involves the use of strip wax and hard wax to pull and remove hair from the root. Whether you choose Brazilian, body waxing, a Hollywood wax, eyebrow waxing or lip waxing, you can expect results to last from two to eight weeks. Where shaving removes just the surface of the hair, waxing removes the hair from the root, leaving skin smooth and hairless much longer. Over time, hair grows back lighter and finer, making the process less painful.

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Types of waxing

Know Before You Go

To start, the area to be waxed will be cleaned and disinfected. A warm wax mixture will then be applied in small areas in the direction of hair growth. Wax is always removed in the direction opposite of the hair growth.The entire hair follicle should be seen on the strip if done correctly. For those with sensitive skin, waxing can be painful. If you are worried about the pain factor, take two painkillers prior to your appointment. You should also exfoliate your skin the day before and avoid using lotions the day of your wax.