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10 Vegan Instagram & Twitter Accounts to Follow Now

9/9/2018 12:00:00 AM

With plant-based diets gaining popularity, we've hand-picked eight vegan Instagram and Twitter accounts for you to enjoy! These are great places to connect to fellow vegans, for more information on the lifestyle, recipes, inspiration or just a bit of vegan fun.

Twitter Accounts For Vegans

  1. @IsaChandra - A great place to find fun and easy vegan recipes from the host of Post Punk Kitchen (an American tv show) Isa Chandra Moskowitz.

  2. @TheVeganSociety - The Vegan Society offer their followers animal rights information as well as some great vegan recipes.

  3. @VeganFusion - This is the Twitter account of Mark Reinfield, author of The 30 Minute Vegan and a few other cookbooks.

Instagram Accounts For Vegans

  1. @VeganTreats - This Instagram account will inevitably make you hungry as it is full of pictures of delicious vegan cakes and sweets.

  2. @OhSheGlows - This is the Instagram account of one of the best vegan bloggers out there so you’ll find some fantastic vegan meals.

  3. @nomyourself - This is the perfect Instagram account to follow if you’d rather stick to easy to make vegan recipes.

  4. @VegNews - This account offers both veggie and vegan recipes as well insightful information into the veggie world.

  5. @VegansofIG - Here you’ll find everything vegan; funny pictures, great advice delicious recipes and tips to stay healthy. So whether you're looking to top up your knowledge or are intrigued by this way of life, we hope these hand-picked accounts inspire and inform you.  


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