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Self-Care: How to Know If The Latest Wellness Buzzword is Worth the Hype

7/10/2018 12:00:00 AM

Self-care: The latest buzzword in the wellness world could mean a lot to many people. Essentially, it boils down to loving yourself.

Hmm, loving yourself, now that sounds tricky.

In a world where overachieving is lauded, how does someone put themselves first? At a recent wellness retreat in Amelia Island, it was the answer to many questions. One woman, yoga teacher, mother of three, wife who happened to have another full-time job, asked, how can I find balance?

Even I was exhausted as she discussed her daily flight from the kid's school run to work to the supermarket to work on other projects. The truth is there are many women like this one. The panellists responded with an emphatic self-care.

Then there’s the other woman, the one who is single, lives alone, works hard to earn enough to maintain her flat, her car, her one child if any and still manages to beat herself up if the food shop isn’t done or the house isn’t clean. She asked for balance too? Again, the panellists stated self-care.

So really what does self-care entail?

Self-care means taking a moment to honour yourself. According to tiny buddha, there are 45 ways for you to practice this. Whether that means, 5 minutes with the morning coffee or a 30-minute manicure, this is self-care.

It can be a long shower. It can be a run in the park. It can be taking your dog for a walk. It’s not just an act but a feeling of replenishment, mental replenishment. Some might call it a pause and well, the wellness world will run with ‘self-care’ for a bit.

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