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A Beginner’s Guide: Hammam Etiquette

7/20/2018 12:00:00 AM

Everyone has had at least one spa faux pas. Some are minor embarrassments, others result in those cringe-worthy moments that still give you hot, prickly feelings years after. To avoid such mishaps spa etiquette is important to keep in mind, especially when trying a new treatment.

Hammam is one of those treatments that people think will be surrounded by complicated rituals and procedures when actually you just need to keep a few simple points in mind to make it perfect.


Arrive Early

Although being punctual for a spa treatment is standard, be sure to leave some extra time for your hammam. A big part of the experience is spending enough time on each stage of the treatment to get the holistic effect.

You don’t want to miss out on time in the warm and hot rooms because you were late. Arrive early, get changed, enjoy a complimentary drink and ease into hammam mode.


What To Wear For Your Hammam

The hammam is a full body treatment, and you’ll be smothered in a thick black soap from your shoulders down. So it’s advisable to either wear your underwear (bring a spare pair) or bikini bottoms. Some spas may issue you with disposable underwear for use during the hammam.

As with other treatments you’ll be given a towel so feel free to use this. If you’re lucky enough to experience a traditional hammam in Turkey you’ll often be given a towel and nothing else, so leave your modesty in the changing room.


Communicate With Your Therapist

Hammam can be a pretty intense treatment, and many first timers report finding the scrubbing, if not painful then certainly a little uncomfortable. If at any point you feel that the intensity is too much then just tell your therapist. Remember though, hammam needs to be vigorous to get the full effect.


Feel Free To Linger

At the end of your hammam, you’ll normally be allowed to relax in one of the warn room. Take some time to feel your skin tingling with life thanks to the removal of all the dead skin and the increased blood flow. Lounge for a while and then slowly make your way back to the changing area.

Be sure not to get dressed in a hurry though, as you need to allow your body to acclimatise back to normal temperature. Although a hammam sounds exotic and strange it is really just a simple variation on the good old sauna.

Follow these simple tips and you’ll be able to relax and enjoy the many benefits of this Turkish delight, take a look on our site for a hammam experience near you.

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