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Best Spas In London For An Acne Facial

7/19/2018 12:00:00 AM

If you suffer from outbursts of acne, you know only too well that traditional facial treatments can spell disaster. Often a facial that works wonders for someone with a more ‘normal’ skin type can lead to soreness, itching and a worsening of the redness and inflammation for others.

Acne facial treatments are designed to take the sting out of a facial and troublesome skin types that experience acne breakouts. The following spas in London offer specific acne facials.


Bannatyne Millbank Spa


Bannatyne spas are well-known for their relaxing atmosphere, expert therapists and excellent range of treatments. Try their SOS Purifying facial, specifically designed to help congested skin. A Japanese sulphur mask with Vita-C booster serum is applied with unique massaging techniques to absorb oils, clean out pores and ease irritation.


Beyond MediSpa At Harvey Nichols


Beyond MediSpa At Harvey Nichols offers an incredibly comprehensive range of acne facial treatments. People who suffer from acne outbreaks often have very sensitive skin which means that chemicals and dermabrasion techniques used in normal facials often make skin problems worse.

The Hydra Acne Peel is an acne facial that uses water to remove dead skin cells. A gentle but deep cleanse, exfoliation and extraction is also carried out on congested pores. Other acne facial treatments include Meder facials and a placental stem cell facial.


Chelsea Day Spa


Located on King’s Road right in the heart of Chelsea, the Chelsea Day Spa is an award-winning spa that offers every kind of treatment you can imagine. They have a superb acne facial treatment, the Clarity Infusion For Acne from O2 Intraceuticals Infusion’s line.

A serum which contains a mix of thyme, salicylic acid, selenium, allantoin, vitamin A and C, plus hyaluronic acid makes this one of the most effective and nourishing acne facial experiences. This treatment destroys bacteria, clears pores and calms the skin reducing redness and swelling.


Booking Your Acne Facial

If you suffer from acne it’s really important to ensure that you have a specialist acne facial to avoid making the condition worse. All good therapists should begin by making a thorough analysis of your skin before proceeding. If carried out carefully an acne facial can improve your acne and also help smooth and nourish your skin.


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