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Bridal Beauty Guide: 11 Best Spa Treatments Before the Big Day

6/13/2018 12:00:00 AM

Okay, all you brides-to-be out there (myself, included!), I know you’re overwhelmed with flower arrangements and dress fittings and menu decisions (chicken or salmon?), and the last thing you need is me tacking on one more thing to your big-day to-do list.

But because I also know we all want to look our most beautiful on our wedding day, you may want to keep these following tips and spa treatments in mind before you walk down the aisle.

Facial: Know you’re putting your best face forward by booking a skin-care treatment before the big day (a custom, to-your-specific-needs facial or the plumping oxygen facial come to mind).

However (and we can’t stress this enough) it’s best not to get a facial in the few days before your I do’s. Creams and lotions have the potential to wreak havoc on your complexion if it’s overly sensitive, plus, many facials are designed to draw out impurities, which can leave you with a lovely breakout that even your wedding veil can’t mask.

So simply schedule a facial at least one week prior; or, if you have problematic skin, maybe opt for a series of treatments to be carried out during a six-month period or longer prior to the big day.

Teeth whitening: When you want your smile as white as your wedding dress, try teeth whitening.

Sunless tanning: Get a pre-wedding/pre-honeymoon sun-kissed look with a sunless tan, either in a spray booth or done by an esthetician by hand, airbrush, or mister.

Body scrub: Try a body scrub to slough away dry, dead skin cells and leave you with luminous skin. It’s the ideal precursor to a sunless tan (don’t get a scrub after!), or just a great pick-me-up that will leave you glowing. You can also indulge in at-home body therapies such as dry brushing or DIY scrubs.

Body wrap: Specific wraps are an excellent way to detox, diminish the look of cellulite, or provide slimming effects, perfect prior to saying, “I do.” Some of the more popular include mineral wraps.

Injectables: We know you’re swamped with wedding plans, but don’t be a procrastinator if you’re planning on a more invasive skin-care service; injectables like Botox, Juvederm, etc. may require an approximate six-week turnaround to take full effect.

Waxing: If you aim to be silky smooth for your nuptials, schedule a wax—but we caution you to do so one week prior to the wedding.

Lash extensions: Pump up the glam factor with lash extensions to make your peepers look wide awake and lovely.

Manicure: Everyone’s going to want a glimpse of your new wedding band (not to mention your engagement sparkler!), so make sure to polish off your look with a pretty manicure. Why not throw in a pedicure, too!

Makeup instruction/application: If the idea of applying your own makeup for your wedding day scares you to death (I’m right there with you—those pictures last forever!), schedule an appointment at your local spa that either offers tutorials, or can fit you in for a makeup session on your special day.

Couples massage: Chances are, all that planning has left you (and your fiancé) a bit stressed out. Surprise your sweetie by booking a couples massage to celebrate your upcoming nuptials and soothe any tension caused by all those last-minute event details.


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