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Healing Practices: Q&A with Alexandra Soveral

4/9/2018 12:00:00 AM

Alexandra Soveral is a renowned Aromatherapist and Facialist. She co-founded the Alexandra Soveral skincare brand and hand blends each product personally, transforming them from raw material to finished product.

What are your favourite healing rituals?

Healing for me is all about calming oneself and connecting with the forces of nature. For the body, I love taking a long bath with lots of sea salt and a good blend of essential oils to soothe and energise.

For the mind, my favourite thing is to take a walk and soak up the beauty of nature (appreciating it make us humble and calms the ego). For emotional healing, at the beginning or end of the day when the sun is soft, I relax facing the sun with my eyes closed - this always makes me feel nurtured and loved. And for the skin, I recommend Soveral’s Angel Balm, which heals even the most damaged of skins.

For those wanting to integrate nourishing & restorative practices in their daily lives, what are some easy ways to incorporate this?

Get into the habit of having a 20-minute relaxing walk by yourself every day. This allows us to be at one with ourselves. Also, think of food as sacred nourishment, respect it and honour it by only eating whole foods that have not been changed into something else. See food as nature’s gift to you.

How does nature inspire you?

I connect with nature every day. I love the sunshine as much as I love the rain. The sunshine nourishes me whilst the rain cleanses and calms. You don’t need to go anywhere or do anything to feel connected with nature, just allow nature into your everyday life by simply being aware of it and admiring its beauty, rhythms and power.

Having a couple of pots of plants in the house and workplace, and caring for and appreciating them gives me as much pleasure as being in a forest. Being aware of the moon’s rhythms and making a mental note of how they make you feel is very insightful.

Wild nightmares during a full moon, an urge to do something new during a new moon or wanting closure on various things are just some of the usual ways the moon affects most of us. In some cultures, you should only start a business, a marriage or a new venture on a new moon!

What is your favourite healing destination?

Anywhere I can sit in front of the sea that has roaring waves. I could easily sit there for an entire day, just allowing each wave to bring me renewed energy and take all negativity away, bit by bit, wave by wave. The sea has the power to cleanse all souls, you just need to want to be cleansed and be willing to forgive and be forgiven.

Your products are so elegant and creative. What inspires your formulations and product lines?

I admire craftsmanship in everything, from furniture and bookbinding to clothes and shoes. When I design a new product I want it to bring health and good skin to those that use it but I also want to bring them joy. I want to give a luxurious experience of a well-made product presented in a beautiful way. I want textures to be elegant and indulgent.

Did you face any challenges when setting up your business? Do you have any advice for budding entrepreneurs in the natural beauty world?

My business partner Jorj and I did go through some very difficult times for quite a while; you have to put everything into your business but not forget about your friends and family. I would say the best advice is to relate to your friends in a normal way and don’t expect them to work around you just because you have a business.

As someone who works in a healing profession, what has been your most memorable moment so far?

During my early years as a practising Aromatherapist, one of my clients asked me to make a blend for an 8-year-old child who had very bad eczema (it was so bad that the child had not had a full night’s sleep for years). I blended what later became Soveral’s Nourishing Oil: pumpkin seed, castor oil, chamomile and lavender.

A month later my client came back with a long letter from the child’s mother thanking me for helping her daughter have her first night’s sleep in years. The oil alongside my advice to eliminate products containing sulphates helped to repair her skin in a really fast way and she now had a normal life going to school and sleeping well.

The family was so touched that they wanted to come to London to thank me personally. I realised then just how powerful essential oils can be.

We love aromatherapy and the powerful healing effects it can have. What is your favourite healing essential oil blend & why?

Everyone has a particular scent that has an instant effect on their soul. Every single time I open a bottle of Mandarin essential oil I cannot help but inhale deep and close my eyes, and for a tiny second, I’m in pure happiness. It’s magic! Mandarin fills me with life, sunshine and reminds me of spring in Portugal.

You grew up in stunning Portugal – can you share any Portuguese beauty secrets?

My grandmother showed me how to splash my face with rose water. I would simply fill the bathroom sink with hot water, scatter some fresh rose petals (from scented roses), wait until the water was room temperature and then splash the face with it. It’s very invigorating and even good for the eyes.

About Alexandra Soveral

After graduating with a BA Honours degree in Philosophy & French Art, Alexandra followed her childhood passion for aromatherapy. During four long years before launching her skin-care line, Alexandra dedicated her time to understanding the skin.

For the launch of the Alexandra Soveral range, Alexandra teamed up with her partner Jorj Aleem, who became an invaluable key in the making of the Alexandra Soveral brand. Together they made a childhood dream a reality and they aspire to continue to expand the brand in the same organic way in which it was born.

Read more about Alexandra and Jorj's journey.

Twitter: @soverallondon 

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