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NEW Elemis Biotec Facial: An ‘Action-Packed’ Facial with Instant Results

8/30/2018 12:00:00 AM

Being in my late forties, I can’t say that I was disappointed when I was asked to review one of Elemis’ new Biotec Facials at their flagship Day Spa, in the heart of Mayfair, London.

My therapist Grace greeted me with a friendly smile, explaining that we would first look at a computer-generated image of my skin to assess which facial would be best suited to my skin type (which I pretty much know to be oily with dry patches, blemish prone with open pores and some scarring).

I was slightly surprised to learn that my skin was dry under the eyes and down the sides of my nose/mouth and Grace suggested that rather than using more moisturiser, I should use a serum which would soak more easily into the skin.

Useful advice and she also reminded me of the importance of using an eye cream and night cream at my age. When you have always had oily skin, you do tend to forget these things!

She recommended the Micro Firm-a-Lift Facial (one of 7 the Biotec Facials available) which would not only ‘firm up the skin and reduce the number of fine lines, it would also take the impurities out of my skin and put moisture back in’ – at least I think that is what she said!

I have experienced many facials in my time and without sounding cynical, they do seem to all promise the same thing. Elemis have apparently spent 2 years developing the Biotec Facials which use microcurrent pulses and galvanic currents which to me sounded like a similar technology to what Guinot have been practising for many years but is no doubt more advanced.

By ‘action-packed’ (Grace’s words, not mine), this is by no means a relaxing facial! It starts early on with the microcurrents running over your face which are said to ‘re-educate and tighten the facial muscles and stimulate the production of collagen’ which in turn has that ‘plumping effect’ on the areas of skin which (in my words) are starting to sag!

This procedure does feel quite prickly and makes the muscles twitch slightly. Next, the galvanic ions are put to use – there are 2 stages – the ‘negative ions which are responsible for giving the skin a deep cleanse’ and then the ‘positive ions which push the products deeper into the skin’.

Grace and I chatted throughout and the hour seemed to fly by. Normally, I have to say that after any facial I have experienced my face looks red and blotchy and I would make my journey home, head down. Grace held a mirror up to my face – I was genuinely shocked by what I saw!

My skin looked really smooth, polished (but not shiny) and the cheeks plumped up under the eyes in so far as you could not see a single line. My complexion looked better than ever – and with no red patches.

Even better still my mouth which normally looks like (‘sad smiley face’), ie droops down at the sides, was set in a straight line as the muscles around my mouth had tightened upwards. My jowls (along the jawline for those of you who have yet to discover and which in my case, have only recently started to sag) were much less prominent.

Botox without the needle sprung to my mind. I was over the moon and was able to walk confidently with my face and head held high down New Bond Street to catch my train home.

Grace, who has worked at this spa for 4 years, tells me the next part of my skin which may start to drop is around my ears – worry not, I will definitely be back before that starts to happen, safe in the knowledge that when it does, all is not lost!!

And the final test - did my husband notice anything different? Well to my surprise, yes he did! I am converted. At £142 this facial is well worth a try for anyone in need of a ‘facelift’ – not to mention a lift in mood! Contact Elemis to book.  

By Catherine, on behalf of Spafinder


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