Why take your spa break in Europe? Europe is home to some of the world’s most luxurious spas in some of the most beautiful settings imaginable. From the rolling hills of the Tuscan countryside to the dramatic coastlines of the Greek islands; whether you choose a wellness retreat, a European health spa, or a city centre spa hotel, there’s one thing we can say for sure: you won’t regret choosing a spa holiday in Europe. To start your search for your perfect break away, take a look at the guide just below or select ‘Find a Spa’ in the menu just above. Our handpicked collection includes some of the very best spa hotels in Europe as well as wellness retreats and health spas, thermal spas, and luxury resorts. Whether you’re looking for a spring, summer, autumn or winter spa break in Europe, you’ll find the perfect destination with Spafinder. Alternatively, give the gift of relaxation with a Spafinder gift voucher by clicking here.

Why take your spa break in Europe?

  • The Variety

    A Spa Break To Suit Everyone

    A relaxing spa break in Europe is only a short plane ride away from the UK! A spa break in Europe offers huge variety from breath taking scenery in Switzerland to the hot springs of Italy, there are spas to suit all interests and budgets from families, couples, solo travellers, detox and fitness devotees and everyone in between.

  • The Landscape

    Stunning Spa Breaks, All Year Round

    European spa holidays aren’t just ideal for the summer months: Austria’s mountainous landscape bursts with life at the start of spring, making for an enchanting spa break and unforgettable hiking. For a winter wonderland spa holiday, you can’t beat Switzerland: snow bunnies will love hitting the slopes during the day and relaxing in the warmth of the spa in the evening. If you are a devoted sun lover, Spain and Greece are perfect for a European summer spa break!

  • The History

    Immerse Yourself in Centuries-Old Spa Wisdom

    Europe has been a mecca for spa seekers for centuries – and its ancient traditions have largely been kept alive.

    Greece, the home of European spa history, continues the tradition of thalassotherapy, therapeutic bathing in mineral-rich seawater. German spa history dates back thousands of years, when the Romans enjoyed the area’s hot springs (which are still there today!). And the Italians have always loved mud bathing!

  • Natural Europe

    As a place with a rich spa history (it's been said Greeks have indulged in social baths since 500 BC, and the term "spa" goes back to Roman times), Europe's spa culture is naturally steeped in tradition, whilst remaining relevant enough to meet the expectations of today's well-seasoned spa-goer. Europe's spa experience is widely diverse, from thalassotherapy along the Mediterranean Sea and saunas in Finland to thermal springs of Tuscany and vinotherapy in France.

  • European Cuisine

    Eating your way through Europe (along with spa-ing!) is among the continent's most memorable, popular, and insightful travel experiences, as its gastronomy allows you a deep connection into each region's culture and history. Similar to Europe's spa scene, European cuisine comprises various signature enticements throughout each country, from fondue in Switzerland and tapas in Spain to wurst in Germany and, of course, pasta in Italy.

  • Spa Travel Tips for Europe

    Spa-ing in a different country can leave the most discerning spa-goers feeling out of their comfort zone. Be cognizant that several European regions are relaxed when it comes to spa nudity—in Germany and Austria, it is natural to go au naturel in front of others. In Sweden and Finland, nude co-ed bathing is common among friends, though separate men's and women's sections of public saunas/bathhouses are also the norm. The UK practices greater modesty.

Explore European Spa Holidays

  • UK

    Restore and recharge in the tranquil English countryside, enjoy some culture and shopping with a city spa break in London or Manchester, explore the diverse beauty of Scotland’s landscape with a Scottish spa break... the list goes on! The UK has so many types of spa holidays and many picturesque areas to explore.

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    From the rolling countryside, dotted with charming villages and vineyards, to the bright lights of Paris and glamour of Cannes, France is the perfect choice for a European spa break. France is renowned for its skincare expertise, so be sure to treat yourself to a facial or two!

    Explore France Spa Guide


    Calling all foodies and couples! An Italian spa break is great for those who love their food: imagine getting a massage under the Tuscan sun, a deliciously decadent dinner awaiting you. For lovers, what could be better than a spa break in bella Italia, days spent in the spa and evenings enjoying a drink under the romantic starry sky.

    Explore Italy Spa Guide


    Spa breaks in Spain are perfect for those who love the sun. Spain is home to renowned detox centres, macrobiotic programmes and medical clinics, making this a great destination if you are seeking serious results. If you just want to relax, let the Mediterranean sunshine be your medicine on your next Spanish spa break!

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    Spa Breaks in Croatia offer a blissful combination of culture, natural beauty, dreamy cuisine and enough variety to ensure your spa & wellness escape gives you everything you need to relax and unwind from city life. You are sure to ‘find yourself’ in this Mediterranean gem.

    Explore Croatia Spa Guide


    Sun, sea, sand and spa – Greece has all the ingredients for a soothing European spa break! Soak up the culture in the Aegean, replenish in the healing spa mineral waters and completely relax.
    Greece is great for family spa breaks and romantic retreats.

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    Sweden offers a number of unique spa breaks: experience the midnight sun in the north, relax by a crystal-clear lake in the Nordic countryside or pamper yourself in bustling Stockholm! Sweden is also perfect for active spa breaks, including golfing, sailing and hiking.

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    Home to the majestic Alps, picturesque villages and crystal clear lakes, Switzerland is home to some of the world’s best health & medical centres – not to mention, a selection of very luxurious spa holidays. Get rejuvenated with a Swiss spa break.

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    Germany spa breaks are renowned for natural healing, including the use of hot springs, ocean water and hydrotherapy. Royalty from across Europe have been flocking to German spas for centuries, such are the restorative powers of the spa waters!

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    Austria, the winter sports capital of the world and home to The Spanish Riding School of Vienna, where beautiful Lipizzaner horses are classically trained. There is much to discover in this enchanting country characterised by pretty alpine villages, vast lakes and stunning architecture – a world away from familiarity.

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    Turkey is a must for anyone looking for a relaxing break away from home. Not only will its colourful culture and vibrant history keep you interested beyond belief, but the bright blue seas, great Mediterranean weather and enviable spa culture will leave you wanting more.

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    Portugal is a paradise for sun seekers and spa goers alike! Offering fabulous weather, beaches lined with breath-taking views and unrivaled Mediterranean hospitality - A spa break in Portugal is a great place to start your wellness journey.

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