The ultimate spa guide for hen parties, with everything you need to enjoy the spa. Gossip in the Jacuzzi, get relaxed with a massage, and have a blast with you friends in the spa!

  • Hens + Spa = A Whole Lot of Fun

    Hen parties at the spa are becoming increasingly popular, what better place to relax, have a giggle with friends, enjoy a cheeky drink and pamper yourselves beautiful? Hen spa days typically include one treatment per person (although the bride may indulge in several treatments!), access to the spa facilities plus a meal. Choose a spa day for a pampering experience, or go all out and book a spa break with evening cocktails and star gazing in the Jacuzzi!


  • 1 Bring The Right Number

    An ideal hen party at the spa will consist of 8-12 friends – any more and things may get a little crowded.

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  • 2 Book Group Treatments

    Most spas have facilities for couples massages, so you and your maid of honour can enjoy a treatment together. Many spas also offer manicure & pedicure stations, so several gals can get beautiful and bond at the same time.

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  • 3 Your Research

    Sadly, some spas are just too small to accommodate large groups – so that tiny boutique spa hotel you had your eye on might not be the best place for your hen party. If you’re unsure, ask the spa – the last thing you want is to be cramped & disappointed!

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  • 4 Turn Your Phone Off

    Use this time to really bond with your besties and make new memories – those emails and texts can wait.

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  • 1 Assume Your Spa Trip Must Take Place in the Daytime

    While spa days are very popular hen party packages, many spas also offer evening hen parties. What could be better than relaxing in the spa, enjoying a lavish dinner & wine with your friends and capping the night off with cocktails and gossip in the hot tub?

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  • 2 Involve the Bride

    This day is all about your friendship, and it’s a nice gesture to have the guests chip in for the bride’s treatments. Don’t involve her in the planning of the spa day & this is her time to forget about the stress of organising big events!

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  • 3 Book at the Last Minute

    Because your hen party is likely a large group, some spas may be fully booked. Start planning the hen party as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

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  • 4 Forget to Ask for a Discount

    Large group bookings are often entitled to a small 10-15% discount. If you don’t ask, you don’t always receive – so be sure to double-check and remember, there is no shame in asking!

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  • ★★★★★

    Hens love the spa.
    42% of wedding guests think that the spa is the best place to experience a hen party!

    London, Blackpool and Edinburgh are the most popular UK hen destinations.
    If the bride is planning a hen party in the capital, check out our London Spa Guide.

Best Spas Hen Parties

When you’re looking to book a group spa day, you need to make sure there’s ample space for your bevy of friends. These spas are guaranteed to show you and your group a good time, whatever the occasion.

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