Hen Spa Party

Whether you’re the maid of honour, a bridesmaid, or a close relative of a bride-to-be, consider an excellent alternative to a night of pre-wedding debauchery – throw a spa hen party!

Tips to help you plan:

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Spas are a wonderful place for female bonding, and the party flows seamlessly.   If you want to combine pampering with pre-wedding partying, get started with these tips on HOW TO throw a Spa Hen Party.
Have a plan
Decisions, decisions!  As the organiser, decide if this will be a single-day affair or a weekend getaway.  Based on this decision, look into either a Day Spa or a Getaway Spa for your party.  You may even want to visit a few local spas and find out if they can accommodate groups, in particular a hen party.
See the Group Specials on SpaFinder.  Location is key since you want to make it easy for your guests to get there.  Think about the atmosphere you want and search for spas that offer something special, such as spas in wine country, beach settings, affordable spas, or spas that can cater specifically to bridal parties.  If you don’t see group deals, ask about specials for bridal groups. Many spas will offer group discounts of 10% to 15% for groups larger than four or six.  Some Day Spas are even open to hosting parties where you have the entire place to yourselves.
Have you set a date?
It’s one of the first questions brides-to-be hear upon getting engaged.  Now it’s your turn, so have a few potential dates that work for you, the organiser, the bride, and the guests. Next, check the availability.  Unless the party is a surprise (which can be tough!), get the bride’s input on whom to invite.  She may wish to extend the  hen party beyond the bridal party to close family and some out-of-towners.  (It’s wise to be inclusive rather than exclusive.)  Consider planning the party the same weekend as the guys’ stag party. One word of caution in setting a date: don’t plan the spa party too close to the wedding date because certain cosmetic treatments and facials may leave redness or bring out blemishes. See the Spa Facial Guide for tips.  As soon as your date is set, the next step is to book your treatments right away because spa parties are a hot trend! 
Get Quality Time
It’s a huge bonus if you’ve chosen a spa that has a common space for everyone to hang out, whether it’s a large spa suite, a relaxation area off of the locker room, or a pool area.  You’ll hang out together there between treatments, or perhaps you can all have pedicures at the same time.  If the spa has a hot tub, sauna, or steam room, you can spend group time there as well.  You can still play silly hen party games. Don’t get rowdy, though!  Always remember to display good spa etiquette.
Relax and enjoy!
You may want the bride to salute her last days as a single lady with a toast.  Inquire if the spa you are visiting has champagne available for your celebration.  If not, consider bringing your own!  If you do make a day of it, many spas offer pre-spa pampering (in the form of teas, water, or mini-appetisers).  Some spas have full menus with delicious and healthy spa cuisine.   
Brides rule! 
It’s all about her.  So maybe she’s been a bridezilla – help her decompress and ease her pre-wedding jitters and tensions.  Don’t add to her stress with the planning of the spa party.  It’s tough enough to plan a wedding.  Figure out who will be attending and chipping in for the cost of the party.  Bridesmaids usually share costs and pay for the bride’s treatment(s). A great idea is to purchase spa gift certificates so you won’t have to worry about money at the spa.  
Imagine how much the bride will appreciate having all her girls together for a day of pampering before her big day.  Let her be a lady of leisure!

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