Spa Honeymoons

Planning the perfect spa honeymoon doesn’t have to be as stressful as organising the wedding. Here are some tips that will make planning a getaway perfect for newlyweds as relaxing as a trip to the spa!

Spa Honeymoon Planning:

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Make a Check List
The first step to picking the perfect destination for your spa honeymoon is deciding what you do and don’t want to do while celebrating your new marriage.  Key things to consider are the size of the spa and the specialty of the spa.  These are particularly important as it is a great way to narrow your initial search.  It is important to decide whether or not you and your mate are interested in isolation or enjoying a more communal experience.  Many getaway spas have private villas, like Sundara Inn & Spa’s, designed for ultimate privacy, while some resorts’ facilities include many rooms.

Resort Honeymoon Destinations, Activites and Amenties:

Other important criteria to look into are the cuisine and what sort of activities the resort of spa offers:

Spa cuisine
: is an important aspect to consider, as some luxury spas have restricted menus, and often limit or don’t offer alcohol.  Double check the spa menu to be sure that you won’t be limited by a vegetarian diet or a no-booze zone.

Activites: Researching activities offered at a resort of spa is another great way to narrow down your search for the perfect post-wedding escape.  While some newlyweds may want simply to relax, undisturbed on a beach or garden, others may want to supplement their spa treatments with activities like horseback riding, hiking or pilates.  Some resorts even offer courses in cooking or gardening.  Similarly, attractions outside of the spa may be a draw for some couples.  Readers’ Choice Award Winner The Spa of Colonial Williamsburg is just steps away from the Historic Area, a living history museum. 

Couples Treatments
Many spas, particularly the romantic ones, offer treatments like the couples massage during which newlyweds can enjoy relaxing massages side-by-side simultaneously.  This is a fantastic way to enjoy the spa with your partner.  Another way to enjoy tranquility together is during hydrotherapy or other water treatments.  Water treatments include dips in mineral baths and cold plunges, underwater massage, jets, hot tubs and the like.  Water treatments encourage circulation through the use of hot and cold contrasts.  It is a great way to lay back and unwind, while floating close to your mate, as most hydrotherapy or water treatment is co-ed. See spas offering couple's massages.

Do Some Research
Check out SpaFinder’s Readers’ Choice Award winners for Best for Romance.  Readers’ Choice Awards are picked by spa-goers and are a great resource for picking a spa that fits whatever criteria is most important for you.  In the case of picking a spa to honeymoon at, SpaFinder’s “Best for Romance” list is your best bet for picking a spa that really sets the mood. See all the Reader's Choice Spas here.

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