Men's Spa Guide

Some men find the spa nerve-wracking, intimidating and even embarassing – but we want to put their minds to rest!


Be enchanted by Sweden with its spectacular Northern Light shows, magical deep green forests and probably the purest air you’ll ever breathe.


Explore the mineral waters, mud baths and rich spa heritage of Germany. City spa break or rejuvenating countryside retreat – the choice is yours.

United Kingdom

Home to an impressive array of spa experiences: from tranquil spa breaks in rural Yorkshire, to relaxing getaways in coastal Devon and urban retreats in London.


Why take your spa break in Europe? Europe is home to some of the world’s most luxurious spas in some of the most beautiful settings imaginable.


France is known for its history, culture, and fabulous food and wine; not to mention its stunning beaches but did you know that it’s a fantastic destination for spa too?


Find your slice of La Dolce Vita with our guide to spa breaks in Italy, home to some of Europe’s finest spas.


Fabulous weather, beautiful beaches and a warm and friendly culture makes a spa break in Portugal an ideal place to relax.


Home to the majestic Alps, crystal clear lakes, vast woodland and picturesque valleys, Switzerland is a nature-lover’s paradise.


Choose Spain for sunshine, sand & sumptuous spa breaks. Whatever your goal, there is something for everyone.


Pristine beaches, picturesque villages and every shade of blue on the spectrum – it could only be a Greek spa holiday.


Experience the beauty of Austria with its renowned scenic shorelines and stunning mountain tops it is a popular getaway destination for those wanting to escape.


Step into a world of centuries-old spa and wellbeing traditions that are luxurious, unparalleled and steeped in ancient customs.


Turkey is a must for anyone looking for colourful culture and vibrant history, its bright blue seas will leave you wanting more.


Delightful architecture, beautiful landscapes, crystal-clear sea and hours of sunshine, this is the perfect destination for a relaxing spa break.


In India, centuries-old practices like yoga and Ayurveda interlaced with modern day treatments and holistic therapies.

Nudity Spa Guide

Spa nudity etiquette is becoming less of a problem as spa travel increases around the world, we have the information you need before you visit the spa.

Get Cleansed

Let us help you find your perfect detox spa retreat. There are many options to choose which may just have life-changing benefits.

Get Invigorated

Fitness spa breaks are a great way to reach your goals, whether they be weight loss, toning the body, or kickstarting a more active lifestyle.

Get Pampered

Luxury spa breaks don’t have to break the bank. Discover pampering spa packages at lavish locations, handpicked especially for you.

Get Relaxed

A relaxing spa break can come in many guises: from serene retreats in the countryside to urban spa escapes.

London Marathon

Our London Marathon Support Guide hopes to inspire athletes in the last few weeks running up to your race. Join us as we count down to the big day.

Spa Days

Relax your body and nourish your spirit with a blissful spa day. There is an experience for everyone, whatever your budget, location and goals!


Why spa in London? It should come as no surprise that when it comes to spas, London has it all.