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Anti-Ageing Facials

Anti-ageing facials are relaxing and therapeutic, with the added bonus of younger-looking skin as the end result. If you’re looking for a facial that reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, for a more plumped feel and a youthful appearance, an anti-ageing facial is exactly what you need.

What is an Anti-Ageing Facial?

An anti-ageing facial is practised in the same way as a lot of other facials, the difference being that your therapist will concentrate on your areas that show the most signs of ageing, such as around the eyes and mouth, and on the forehead.
During an anti-ageing facial your beauty therapist will use vitamin-infused serums which will penetrate, plump, and brighten the skin.

Anti-ageing facials aren’t just about serums and facial massaging techniques, however. They can include treatments such as light therapy and collagen facials, which improve the appearance of your skin and allow a quicker turnover of skin cells.

How often should i get an anti-aging facial?

Due to exfoliation and skin cell growth most skin care specialists will recommend that you have a professional facial every 3 to 4 weeks. However, this time frame will differ depending on your skin type, age, what you’re expecting out of your facials, the environment you live in day-to-day, and your lifestyle choices.

For anti-ageing facials, the time frame above still applies, however if you wish to stretch out your facial treatments, it’s recommended that you take good care of your skin at home and use an SPF moisturiser during the day, even if the sun isn’t out, as this will help to protect your skin prior to your next anti-ageing facial.

Best Spas For Anti-Ageing Facials

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Know Before You Go

Oils such as frankincense and neroli are often used in this type of treatment since they’re natural ingredients that works wonders on mature skin. Like a massage, it’s important to keep the oils on your face for as long as possible following your facial. This will help you reap their full benefits. An anti-ageing facial is much less invasive than surgical treatments, but you should expect to be making monthly visits to improve and maintain the appearance of your skin.

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  • 60min Anti-Ageing Facial £50
  • 90min Anti-Ageing Facial £80
  • Anti-Ageing + Spa Day £130

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