Aromatherapy Near Me: Enjoy Aromatherapy Treatments at a Spa or Salon

Aromatherapy can be found in many forms of skin and muscle treatments, however it is primarily used in massage and facial treatments. There are many benefits to aromatherapy so whether you’re looking to relax your muscles, or you want to smell amazing whilst plumping the skin with oil, aromatherapy is for you!

What is an aromatherapy body massage?

A body massage uses different massaging techniques to stimulate blood flow, encourage skin reproduction, and heal aching muscles. Pair this with fragrant extracts sourced from plants, flowers and herbs, and you have an aromatherapy massage. Different oils are used in aromatherapy, with each one catering to different skin types. This makes aromatherapy massage a very personal experience.

What are the benefits of aromatherapy massage?

Aromatherapy massage has the same base benefits as the majority of other massage treatments. An aromatherapy massage heals tense and sore muscles, and promotes blood flow, whilst encouraging the skin to reproduce at a faster pace. The added bonus of aromatherapy is that the oils used will cater to your skin type and in all cases, the oil moisturises the skin to keep it hydrated. Aromatherapy also improves your mood, reduces stress levels, and can treat insomnia - there’s more to aromatherapy than just the calming scent!

How long is an aromatherapy massage?

The length of an aromatherapy massage can vary between different spas and salons. In most cases, you’ll be offered a 30 minute back massage or a 60 minute full body massage, but others may offer you a range of different time frames, such as 20 minutes, 45 minutes and 75 minutes.

Depending on the oils that have been used, the effects of aromatherapy massage can last up to 48 hours. During this time, it’s important to eat a balanced diet and drink plenty of water.

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Know Before You Go

Aromatherapy consists of a blend of natural oils curated for you by your therapist. Your therapist will ask what you wish to achieve from your treatment and blend up to 4 essential oils within their carrier oil to use during the massage.
Scents such as lavender, bergamot and citruses are generally used during an aromatherapy treatment as they have both calming and energising effects.

Once you have received your aromatherapy massage, it’s important for you to keep the oil on for as long as possible. This will allow it to sink into your skin and bloodstream, where you’ll receive the full benefits of your aromatherapy session.

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Your guide to typical Aromatherapy prices, to help you decide which denomination of gift voucher to buy.

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  • Essential Oil Gift Set £25
  • Aromatherapy Massage £50
  • Aromatherapy Facial £75

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