Polish your Look with a Manicure or Pedicure

Get your fingers and toes looking their best with a manicure or pedicure. Manicures are one of the most popular spa treatments as they’re quick, affordable, and get great results.

From polish, gel, shellac and acrylics, to paraffin dips and nail art, you’ll be sure to find the right manicure for you. With thousands of colours to choose from, you can update your look as often as you like! A manicure is about nail care too, so you can help promote healthy nails and cuticles, all while giving your hands a real treat. Choose basic grooming and polish, or go all out with 3D art and gradients - nail treatments are so versatile and you’ll love the results, whatever you choose.

Hard working feet deserve a treat too, and can often get overlooked. A good pedicure provides second-to-none grooming, so you can wear those strappy sandals with confidence. Pedicures are essential for looking great in summer or for parties that call for those glitzy, open-toe shoes, but you can opt for a pedi any time of year to add that extra spring to your step.

Just like a manicure, you can choose different types of polish for a finish that suits you. Alternatively combine a mani-pedi that will leave you feeling perfectly polished from top to toe.


Know Before You Go

First select your polish – do you want a gel or a regular polish? Gels are dried using a UV light which means they’re set by the end of the treatment, so there’s no need to worry about smudging your new nails before you’ve even left the salon. Gel nails last up to two weeks and require you to go back to the spa or salon to have them soaked off properly. A regular nail polish manicure will last up to a week, and will require drying time after application. During a manicure or pedicure at your local nail salon, you should expect your nails to be soaked in warm water to soften the cuticle, shaped using sanitised cuticle nippers, and filed into the shape of your choice. Opt for oval, square, round or even squoval (yes, really) shaping to suit your look. Polish is the last step, and you’ll get to choose the colour from the range included in your treatment. See if you can pay for the service before your nails are polished to ensure you don’t chip or smudge freshly painted nails!

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When you need a little pampering, a classic manicure will nail it.

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Shellac Nails

Want a chip free manicure that lasts? Try this popular long-lasting manicure treatment.

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French Manicure

One of the most popular styles in salons today, the skin coloured base and pure white tip of this classic manicure.

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Paraffin Wax

Super-smooth hands and feet are only a treatment away.

rainbow coloured waterdrops

Gel Manicure

A fantastic option for durable, long-lasting and colourful nails.

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Treat your feet with a classic pedicure at your favourite nail salon.