A Delicately Light And Healing Massage

Lymphatic drainage massage isn’t a massage you typically hear of, however if you can overlook its slightly unglamorous name, this form of massage has a long list of amazing benefits. In fact, many people who have had a lymphatic drainage massage often choose this as their go-to treatment over a general massage.

Does lymph drainage work?

Lymph drainage, like a lot of other well-known forms of massage, improves circulation whilst reducing swelling. Your lymphatic system removes waste and toxins, and carries lymph fluid around the body. A lymphatic drainage massage helps to smooth out your muscles, making it easier for the lymph fluid to move freely around the body.

The lymphatic system is unable to transport lymph through the body on its own and so relies on massage and movement of muscles to flush the fluid to the lymph nodes. Because of the cellular waste that is disposed of in the lymph nodes, lymphatic drainage massage helps to detoxify the body, relieve tiredness and fatigue, and heal acne.

What are the benefits of lymphatic drainage massage?

Apart from the lymph fluid benefits mentioned above, lymphatic drainage massage decreases facial puffiness as well as body swelling, boosts the immune system, relieves sore muscles, and reduces the appearance of cellulite.

Is lymphatic drainage massage safe?

In most cases lymphatic drainage massages are safe and there is very little chance of tissue damage due to the light pressure used during this treatment. For people who suffer from acute inflammation, heart problems, Thrombosis and malignant tumors, it’s best to seek medical advice before booking your treatment.

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Know Before You Go

Lymphatic drainage massages are perfect for clients who suffer from excess swelling, tight muscles, acne, cellulite and fatigue, but if you have any known conditions such as heart problems and malignant tumors, then please seek advice from a medical professional before booking your appointment.

Lymphatic drainage massage is a light and calming massage which can result in clients falling asleep during treatments. It’s important to have a bottle of water with you when attending a lymphatic drainage as you may feel a little off following the massage.

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Your guide to typical Lymphatic Drainage Massage prices, to help you decide which denomination of gift voucher to buy.

(average prices)

  • 60 min Lymphatic Drainage Massage £50
  • 90min Lymphatic Drainage Massage £90
  • Lymphatic Drainage Massage + Spa Day £150

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